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    HX effects vol + wah

    From memory, my volume pedal is in Exp 1 and wah in Exp 2. When you add the pedal in the signal flow, set the switch to Exp 1 or 2 for whichever type of pedal you’re adding. Then press the right arrow and you’ll see the Position setting. I set this to 3%. Then go into Controller Assign menu and make sure the correct Exp jack is set there for the pedal you added.
  2. mbtainton

    HX effects vol + wah

    I have the volume pedal (VP Jr) and wah (mission engineering) set so that they come on at about 3% (just a bit past heel down) and don’t have them set to any switch on the HX. That was they just engage themselves when I step on the rather than needing to step on an HX switch and then go to the wah or volume pedal.
  3. mbtainton

    HX FX Loops hiss

    Will do Phil. Thanks.