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  1. I have the volume pedal (VP Jr) and wah (mission engineering) set so that they come on at about 3% (just a bit past heel down) and don’t have them set to any switch on the HX. That was they just engage themselves when I step on the rather than needing to step on an HX switch and then go to the wah or volume pedal. 

  2. Are the HX Fx loops naturally noisy when using fuzz or drive pedals? My HX unit doesn’t have any hiss running into either of my amps but if I put my D.A.M Drag n Fly fuzz or the Boss SD-1w into one of the loops I get a stack of hiss. Neither pedal is that noisy when not in the loops and the fuzz is happy in any position of my effects chain on a regular pedalboard. It doesn’t need to be first. Neither, obviously, does the SD-1w. The hiss is loud enough to be heard over the actual fuzz sound so even adding a noise gate is useless. 


    Not sure why, but putting another pedal with a good buffer into the loop before either of those pedals removes the excess hiss. I’m assuming that it’s something to do with the impedance of the signal from the send jack playing havoc with some pedals. 


    Is this part of the reported issue with some units hissing in front of particular amps or are the HX loops naturally hissy with certain pedals?


    If it’s just a design issue that can’t be fixed then I can work around it. But if it’s part of the other hiss issue (or another separate issue) that can be fixed then I’d like to get my unit fixed/replaced since I love using the HX.