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  1. Figured it out... when I rendered my file in Reaper it was set for something I did previously and the file was only 17 sec long.  I fixed it to about 95 sec and got the IRs!  Dude, I have to say I'm impressed.  This is so much easier than going the tone match EQ/Deconvolver route.  I'm toying with the signal from my Sigma DM-4 with a K&K and a mic'd signal from a KSM141.  The IR sounds great on my direct signal in Helix Native, really takes the honky-ness away and warms it up really nice.  I also have the benefit of listening through some awesome Focal monitors that give a nice neutral sound.  Well done sir, I have to say the music community owes you one!

  2. So I'm trying to create an IR and this is what happened:


    >> jf45ir(Test2)
    error: 'Test2' undefined near line 1 column 8

    Any idea what I might have done?  I'm on Windows 10 64 bit, recordings were rendered in Reaper to stereo 24/44.1.  Your script was downloaded from the Google drive folder and dropped in a folder I created in the Octave folder.  My rendered wav file is in the same folder as your script file.  I'm not a programmer so all of this script stuff is way over my head.

  3. How cool, I'm going to play with this very soon.  I've been toying around with making my own EQ matched IRs... would this method also work for matching a guitar tone found on a recording?  If there's a song with an acoustic sound I really like, could I use the recording as the "mic'd" sound and then play my acoustic plugged in direct playing the same part?  Do you think that would work?  Seems to me that it would.


    I can't wait to try this!  This seems so much easier than the method I have been messing around with.

  4. I thought the same thing too... then I realized that if you zip up the fat side of the Helix first and then the skinny side it works much better.

  5. So I was messing with a new preset I was making on the Helix and I thought it would be cool to see if I could control the volume of my JTV with the Helix.  I see that I can set the "virtual" JTV volume knob like you can with the "virtual" tone knob per preset, but I wanted to assign it to a foot switch like you can do with amp gain, master volume, etc. to set a minimum (say, at 6.0) and a maximum (10.0).  I like the way the patch sounds when I turn down the volume knob on the guitar vs. changing the amp gain, etc.  I could not find a way to assign the JTV volume to a foot switch (or the rocker pedal for that matter).  Are we unable to do this currently?

  6. I'm in my third week of using the Helix at my church, and so far so good.  I found it easier to dial in my tones right off the bat, much easier than my old HD500.  I go direct to the house and let the sound guy do his thing, and we use wireless in-ears for monitoring.  I personally have a pair of Shure 535s and I think they sound pretty good.  I have used those buds as well as the studio monitor speakers in my small home studio to make my patches, and so far they seem to translate well to our worship center (seats about 1,200 or so, flown EV speaker arrays with multiple flown subs).  As long as it sounds good in my ears and I'm inspired by the tones I hear, then I'm happy!  The first week I brought my Helix the sound guy asked me if there was something different... he said it sounded better than my HD500, more warm and like a real amp.  And he would know, our worship leader plays a 335 through a Morgan and occasionally an old 70s Fender twin that are in an iso-cab off stage.  Overall, I'm pretty stoked about the Helix!

  7. I'm looking forward to the IR functionality of the Helix as well!  Have any of you guys found a good source of acoustic guitar IRs?  I've searched around the www and haven't really found a whole lot to speak of.  I know the IRs that the AxeFX uses are in a specific format for that platform, but they have to come from somewhere...

  8. I understand, the amount of variables you have to play with when using a Variax and a HD500 is pretty mind boggling.  Sometimes simple is better.  Our worship leader plays a tele into a Morgan tube amp (kind of Vox-y), so I usually keep it simple and play the Les Paul model (B+N for clean, B for dirty/leads) with my stock Dr. Z patches or Marshall patches so we sound a bit different.  It works for us anyway.  I feel like my sound is getting a little stale and I can't wait for the POD HD model packs that are coming soon so I can experiment a little bit.

  9. I've been using a Variax and POD for over ten years at my church.  I started with a Variax 500 through a POD XTL then to an X3L then to a POD HD500.  I've had my JTV59 for over two years now and I absolutely love it.  I usually play lead electric and have patches that use the Dr. Z for clean (lots of delay) and dirty rhythm sounds and I have a really nice lead patch that I use that was modified from the Lincoln Brewster patch directly off of his HD500.  I've also run acoustic guitar, lap steel, and mandolin through my HD500.  I can basically dream up any tone that our worship leader needs me to play, and even find cool alternate tunings to use on certain tunes..  I also play in a couple of cover bands too and have found my Line 6 gear to be indispensable for what I do.  I'm more of a rhythm guitarist turned lead guitarist (I'm no shredder) so I'm usually looking to do something different than what the other guitarists are doing, i.e. chord inversions and cool licks that use effects and such.

  10. I had the same question recently, and I got one of these:



    It's an Ethernet a/b manual switch in a box.  It does work, but it only has the standard CAT5 connections on the back.  I used some standard CAT5 cable to test the box, and it will switch from one guitar to the other (I also have a JTV59 and VAC700) and allow the patches on my HD500 to change the guitar models.  I looked into getting a few custom VDI cables and incorporate this set-up to my live gigging rig, but haven't followed through on it yet.  The cables weren't cheap, and I haven't had enough gigs lately to justify purchasing them.  I also haven't used it long enough to know if it will mess up the HD500 by changing the type of Variax that's plugged in to it, and that's a concern for me as all my tones are in there and I don't have a backup.  But feel free to give it a try and see what you think!

  11. I just ran across a little issue, and wanted to confirm my suspicions... I recently made a group of patches for our Chrismas services at church and a couple of them involved using the JTV magnetic pickups (for eBow use).  I set the input for these patches to "Variax Mags", made my tweaks, and saved the patch.  When I recalled the patches during a rehearsal, I noticed that the pickup selection was not what I had originally set.  Am I correct that when using the POD HD 500 with the JTV, it will default to the neck and bridge magnetic pickups both being on when changing to the patch? 

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