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  1. On 9/10/2021 at 7:59 PM, silverhead said:

    I’m not a Line 6 rep. My Firehawk FX device has never had Bluetooth connection issues, but my use of it is admittedly simple.

    I don't have either an Amplifi or FireHawk product ... So is the Firehawk the "successor" (that works) to the Amplifi?!? all the same features like the tone match and BT speaker but consistently works?

    I do have the Helix floor and love it but I like the "idea" of the Amplifi and it possibly being a good replacement/upgrade to my Fender G-DEC plus a loud BT speaker (amplifi 150)

  2. On 6/30/2021 at 8:57 AM, srdnckaya said:

    You can use Amlifi Remote app on your PC. Your must add ARC plugin on your Chrome from this link:

    Then, you must download the Apmlifi APK from here:

    Last, select your folder to create for Amplifi files then choose .apk file. You can test this after all done. 

    Dose it still have to use BT or dose it work though USB???


    I don't have an Amplifi unit but saw one at GC and was contemplating getting it but after looking around at the connectivity issues it sounds like a waste of money... But I see what the other guy was saying abut using it un-connected but if you don't have the FBV or the FX100 your kind of stuck right!? and I guess if you want to play music from your phone you can use an aux cable to the aux input or even an aftermarket BT to aux dongle ... right???


    sadly though it could have been a graet replacement for my Fender G-DEC...


    If only they made a PC/Mac app that used the USB connection or a way to use a USB WIFI dongle like with the M20D... (seems simple enough)...


    Would be nice if they made the code for it open source for the community to try and resolve since they no longer care about the folks that paid a very high price for these Amplifi units

  3. I noticed before updating the Helix floor firmware that part of the instructions said if you wanted to use the new templates and Factory presets to back up your set list separately, so dose this mean that when a full back up is created with some previous firmware that the templates and factory presets are backed up as well and after a successful firmware update and preset reset/rebuild (power on holding stomp buttons 7 and 8 ) that when I do a restore from the backup done before firmware update that the new template and factory 1 and 2 will be restored to the backup's Templates, factory 1 and 2 set list's??? And if this is true the only way to get the global settings the way I had them is to back up the new firmware Factory 1 and 2 and templates set lists before restoring the full back up and then restore the set list after the full restore is done?


    wow hope that don't confuse you ... LOL but I tried to get it down the best way I could...


    I also noticed that one set of update instructions says use you current HX edit to do the back ups before firmware is installed and an other set of instructions says to to down load the new HX edidtor and then do the backup before installing the update?!?!?! anyone else see this? LOL

  4. You should be able to make three separate paths make the input on each path separate like guitar on first path then microphone on second path and then auxiliary input on a third path all of them out putting to Main....

    Should even be able do a 4th path with a variax with a vdi cable


    And be able to balance the volume of each with the output on its path

  5. Glad to see ya here bro!!! Looking forward to see what you can do with it... and as a 11r pack customer I think you need to do some packs with different types of music styles and a lifetime package as well... Your time is worth something... 


    You still including all platforms in the Supperpack?!?!?! LOL  :D  ;) it's ok if you don't I don't mind contributing!


    BTW "My Boy Blue" was one of my goto presets for the 11r!!!


    Oh and do you still make custom presets??? I would like those Frank Marino presets for Helix too.

  6. You should try some of Glen Delaune's patches... may save you some time. It took me a wile to get the tones I have now and his patches made me look at things quite different from before i saw his. I guess mostly I was looking at things like you would in the real world of amps and FX and in Helix you can do things that would not work at all in the real world like putting a volume peddle after the cab...

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  7. Do you have any sample patches posted that I could look at - this sounds like a good approach. I agree that there are some remarkable things you can do with this unit - SOOO much easier than the HD500 (about 3x easier, by my estimate - maybe more, which makes it a bargain.)


    try that one .... I will have to get you a more updated one soon ... haven't updated and saved my presets in a wile ....    I use the snapshots part not the individual fx part and i use 2 EXP's #3 being the volume peddle for all paths. I also use a JTV-89F so the guitar model changes with the snapshots as well... let me know what you think good and bad... sorry for making you wait so long I have had a lot going on.

  8. Hi,


    Very interested in Shuriken - was looking for a baritone anyway and I already own Helix so......


    Tell me about the neck profile please? I am very fussy and like slim Gibson SG necks and ESP which I dont think are going to be a match with what I see described as a C profile. Any dimensions or comparisons to other guitars you could share?



    The neck is a big deal for me as well.... I have a JTV 89F and it has a (what someone else described as the) "shredder neck" I love it I can't even play well with a LesPaul, PRS, fat neck (great guitars) but to me its like playing a cucumber... LOL


    if someone who has both could elaborate on this it would be great..

  9. I got the big box set from Redwires too because I wanted the IRMIX2 plug in to mix IR's It is well worth it...


    here is how it works I use PT but that don't mater, load up a session create a track load the IRMIX2 plugin to the track put a helix preset on and remove the cab or turn it off add a Looper block to the front of your preset path record a rhythm lead or what ever and set down the guitar and hit play... now start loading up IR's to IRMIX2 and throw as many at it you want remove one add two ect... find something good just save it and load it to the Helix IR list and it sounds exactly how you made it... that is my fav that i made with all kinds of free IR's from around the web. 


    I have a few Ownhammer packs as well but all thats been said before me I agree with as well... I like the one I made better than each of them but you might hate it... LOL

  10. On each path's output block's volume, toggle between 0-100 on path A, and 100-0 on path B.

    This is the correct way to do this.... I have been using this for nearly a year now. (used to use 2 volume blocks and controlled them with the exp) some of my presets have 3 and 4 separate paths, though my current fav I started to experiment with using the master volume on each amp in each path and changing the volume from 0 - whatever I need for that amp wile the other 2 amps in the preset go to 0.... you need to think outside the box (not in the real world way you did with real amps and FX) and you will be surprised what the Helix can actually do. One thing I started to do a wile back was use a volume block at the end of my path with the EXP instead of at the beginning so I could have distorted over driven goodness at very low volumes when the rest of the band was playing softly. I learned allot from looking at what others had done on there presets like Glen D. he opened up a few ideas for me last year.


    When I say separate paths I mean SEPARATE from beginning to end no A/B splits at all, some inputs of paths use variax mag some use multi some use just variax and all the outputs got to multi or all. Example of three separate paths: path input 1A to output, path input 1B to output, path input 2A to input 2B to output.

  11. I thought the same thing, mine also squeaked (posted a video on it) I took the bottom off and backed out the tension Bolt and used some of the lube from the other parts of it and spread it around and it never made any noise again.


    Realy if you took the spout of a wd40 can and put the peddle in the toe down position insert it in the case opening underneath the foot part and shoot the pivot piont there you would not have to take off the bottom...


    I was convinced it was rubbing the case, I could see it... but the noise is from the pivot point.


    I think it is an assembly error on the part of the young oriental children at the factory. LoL just kidding about the children.

  12. How about an mxr Distortion plus probably the smoothest or for lack of a better description cleanest sounding distortion but always had to use it with an EQ after it. And also the mxr full-bore metal that pedal sounds so good with a totally clean transistor amp you can get the crunchiest metal tone you ever heard with it using a clean transistor amp, that's right I found a unicord stage 400 210 amp on the side of the road and put two Jensen mod speakers in it and had one bad transistor it is a super clean amp not really usable for me except for when I plug in that mxr full-bore Distortion in front of it then it sounds like a serious metal rig.

  13. I tend to gravitate towards the ribbon mics and the condenser mics...


    And I have bought plenty of IR's but have found that really there's only about three or four that tend to be the go-to ones. One of them being that free one that someone made on a kemper supposedly and are in the folder of that free IR's link that I posted in the past

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