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  1. The JTV59 weighs about 9lbs and my PRS Custom 24 is just over 7lbs. For me, that small difference in weight makes a huge difference on my stamina when playing 3,1 hour sets a night. I am used to playing heavier guitars as I 've played LPs and Warwick basses in the past. These days however, I'm just not willing to compromise comfort. That said, it plays wonderfully but I'm just not using it to it's potential and thought that I would post it here for someone who would appreciate it......and I forgot to post photos. :)
  2. I have a pristine condition JTV 59 in black that I am looking to sell. I bought it new in 2012 and it plays absolutely amazing. I'm only selling because it's a bit too heavy for me and I simply just don't use the features. Ultimately, I would like to get $700 for it, but would consider any serious offers. :) I will update this post with photos this evening.
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