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  1. Hi everyone.  I have just about completed a custom rebuild on a Variax 700 Electric. I'm desperately trying to find a supplier of legacy spares in the UK.  I'm specifically looking for an Input Assembly for the 700 Electric (Jack Plate, DI Input and Jack Socket).  I can find a Jack Plate in the US, but the company won't export to the UK...


    For those that are Interested, a pic or two of the build is attached to this post..... 




    Any assistance would be most welcome.










  2. Im suffering with similar issues.  I have recently just bought a used Variax 700 Electric.  The cable was the original and a little short so I decided to have a new one.  The HD500 now just loops around the boot up screen if the variax is plugged in, and this doesn't happen with the old cable. I have to boot up with the variax disconnected.

  3. Hi everyone,


    Im currently enjoying my HD500 and DT25 very much and have been given an opportunity to buy a second hand 700 from a friend.  Ive noticed that when you play, there is a definite whistling in the background, which obviously becomes more obvious at higher volumes.  I have reinstalled the firmware, which hasn't cured it.  I have also played direct to amp which again has made no difference.  I have also tried making adjustments to the controls on the workbench, but again no difference.


    Is this whistling a normal thing with the 700 or is it indicating there is a fault somewhere ?  Is it a known fault and is it repairable ?  I haven't paid for the 700 yet as I am just trying it out, but if the problem is repairable relatively cheaply then there isn't a problem as I love the guitar.


    Any advice would be most welcome.





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