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  1. Whatever the problem is with the PC program, it's still there after updating to version 1.02.  :(

    When trying to save an empty preset the program crashes with a Windows error message that the Helix program has stopped working, so still no possibility to backup presets, set lists or bundles.


    I did get the 1.04.1 firmware installed correctly, so now I need to check if the BSOD is gone with this update.


    It would have been nice to have the possibility to back up presets though.  :mellow:

  2. Yes, you are right. It's just for tweaking an existing preset, so you need to put it on the table for building presets from scratch. I do think it's nice though that you can tweak parameters without bending down.  :)

  3. I'd be happy if the editor didn't crash and freeze helix.

    I'd be just happy if the new FW only brings more reliability and fine-tunes the existing features in helix. There's still too many bugs making the use of helix unconvenient AND THE LACK OF AN EDITOR SOFTWARE HURTS MY BACK now that the unit is on the floor where it belongs. Wouldn't bother if I got a separate controller and a rack-helix...


    It's just like bodybuilding - first build the constitution before tweaking extras. I think the helix has already PLENTY of amps and effects. Atleast I can wait for more sounds, I still haven't got through the ones I already have! :D


    I hear you on the stability issues. Getting it stable is the most important thing update. :)


    Regarding the back pains ... does the foot editing mode where you can edit parameters with the switches and pedal not work for you?

    I found it rather nice to use instead of bending down, and you can trim with your feet while you play.

  4. Thinking about the consequences of the dreaded BSOD this new feature could be a very welcome addition:

    Other Improvements

    • In the rare case of a freeze, Helix can now restore by clearing only the current preset instead of resetting all presets. While holding footswitches 11 and 12, turn on Helix


    If you always remember to switch to an unused preset before turning the power off, you might get away with just resetting the unused preset every time you get a BSOD? That would indeed be a manageble work-around to mitigate the consequences of a reset.

  5. Great news with an update. :)

    I'm hoping that these two items will remove my regularly appearing Black Screen Of Death:


    Bug Fixes

    • General stability improvements
    • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations

    Other Improvements

    • In the rare case of a freeze, Helix can now restore by clearing only the current preset instead of resetting all presets. While holding footswitches 11 and 12, turn on Helix


    I also hope that the updated Helix application will now allow me to back up presets on the PC.

    This would make the Helix usable for me at band practice.


    I'm really keeping my fingers crossed on this. I've had a string of bad luck incidents with my floor boards lately. :(

    First the Helix didn't work reliably out of the box (regular BSOD and no ability to back up presets in the PC app)

    Then the previous saturday my HD500 died on me when setting up for a gig. It writes Update Flash in the display and won't boot. I've tried to update the flash 5 times with Monkey reporting update success, but it always boots with the same "Update Flash" message and freezes.

    With four hours to go before the gig I had to bring out my old X3-live board and recreate the 24 patches I use, which was a bit too exciting for me.

    I've played the last two gigs (this saturday and previous saturday) with the X3-live, and I survived but it wasn't fun with all these last minute changes. :(


    I'm updating tonight ... whish me luck. :)




    PS: If my X3-live blows then I'm down to my very old XT-live, and I absolutely don't want to go there. :mellow:

  6. You could measure the voltage of the amp switch input and then use that voltage as the off signal and 0V as the on signal. A switch shorting the input would place 0V in the input, and an open switch would not alter the voltage from the amp switching input.


    The potential problem is that a switch is very low impedance and the CV output might not be able to drive the amp switching input if it's too low impedance. If the CV output is done with an op-amp it's very easy to protect it from overload by either placing a resister in the output or choosing an op-amp with built in current limit, so it would be foolish of Line 6 not to have protected the CV output from damage, but it's your call if you want to try it out. I don't think your Helix will be harmed, but on the other hand I'm not going to buy you a new one if it does.  :D

  7. Did you uninstall the program before installing the new version?  Also, something else you can try is after uninstalling, find the file folder in your program files for it and delete it.  This way you know you are getting all fresh new files and nothing can get mixed between versions.  I don't know if any of this will work but these are common things to try when updating programs

    I did uninstall both the Helix program and the updater, but I did not delete any folders manually.

    I will try that.

  8. I would remove all the line 6 software and drivers. I would even consider deleting any line 6 reference from the registry and then reboot. Then install the latest Helix software first and let it install all the driver's and finally line 6 updater. While there have been issues most people with Win 7 have no problem. There are so many PCS and configurations out there that it can be tough though. Also you could try closing anything you don't need in the device manager before loading the line 6 software. Also check the device manager for any red warnings or cobfkicts.

    Thank you for the tip.  :)


    I did uninstall both the Helix program and the Updater before I installed the new versions (I also tried that several times with the previous versions), but I did not uninstall the driver. When installing the new versions I chose to install both program, driver and updater. After installation I checked the device manager for yellow exclamation marks without finding any. When displaying properties on the "Line 6 Helix" driver it says that this unit is working correctly.


    Do you recommend that I'm uninstalling both the Helix program and the Updater and then remove the "Line 6 Helix" driver manually before reinstalling the new software?


    I also have the Line 6 software for my HD500 installed which is working correctly. Could that be causing any problems?

  9. And here's exactly what I'm watching - the reviews of the sound quality and ease of getting those basic sounds have me primed to buy - but I play out a LOT, charging our clients a lot of money.  This thing has to be rock solid and road ready,  failure on these gigs is not an option.  So I'm checking this thread daily,  keeping an eye on what's being reported.  Best guess,  sometime after the turn of the year - after several more "point" updates - I may see enough stabilty to plunk down my cash.  I like what I hear - but currently less so what I'm reading.


    I'm patient.  And thanks to all the beta testers - someone's got to be the first one in…


    If I were you I would be patient a little longer.


    I just updated both the PC program and the firmware and did a complete factory reset, but I still can't backup (Export) any patch, setlist or bundle. Windows simply shuts down the program saying that a problem has caused the program to stop working properly. It displays the patches correctly and I can rename a patch on the PC and it shows up correctly on the Helix, so the communication between the Helix and the PC program seems to be ok. It simply won't save anything without crashing, and it crashes before anything gets saved to the disk.


    I do hope the BSOD problem is a thing of the past with firmware 1.03.0, but I'm definitely not gigging this board until it's been stable at home for quite some time, and then I would still like to be able to back up my presets and bring a PC to the venue ... just in case.

  10. I just encountered the BSOD.  I have been using Helix for about 2 weeks.  I updated to the 10.02.2 about a week ago.  I have had several rehearsals with it, tweaked it plenty, and unfortunately did not backup my presets.  I have 2 gigs this weekend, kicking myself right now.  From what I have read, the only way to correct the BSOD is to reboot to factory settings?  Is this the only way?

    The only problem is that many of us can't backup our presets!


    I just updated to PC version 1.01 and then updated the firmware to version 1.03.0 after having uninstalled the previous software. After doing a factory reset including global settings and IR (holding footswitch 9+10), the first thing I tried was to save the preset 01A "UD Double Nrm" in the FACTORY1 setlist by pressing Export. I still get this error message from Windows that directly translated from danish says:

    "Helix has stopped working"

    "A problem has caused the program to stop working properly.

     Windows will close the program and tell you if there is a solution."

    ... and there is one button to press that says "Close the program".


    I'm using Windows 7 home edition and obviously something is still not working, so the only thing I can hope for is that the BSOD is now a thing of the past. It would be a nice precaution though to be able to backup the presets. My confidence in this thing is currently not at a high level. :(


    ... hoping for the best though.

  11. The level is part of it, but each room also has its own acoustics so you have to adjust the global EQ to suit the room in any case. The acoustics also change once the audience turns up, so you will also need to make final adjustments at the start of playing.


    Yeah I'm aware of the room acoustics, that's what I got a sound guy for though so thank god I don't have to fiddle with that too!

    We do it the same way ... EQ the room on the mixer since it's not only the guitar that is affected.

  12. You can use the global EQ to boost bass and treble at low volume like the loudness function on a normal stereo, and then disable the EQ when you're playing at gig level. You have to use the same levels for gig and practice in each patch though in order for it to work with a single EQ setting.


    One practical way could be to tweak one very familiar patch at gig level and then use the global EQ to make the same patch sound similar at practice level. Then you should be able to tweak all other patches with the same EQ.


    I'm going to try that once Line 6 fixes the black screen or PC backup problem.


    Usually I'm tweaking patches at gig level with the same in-ear monitors I use with the band (M-Fidelity SA-43), but if the global EQ compensation is working well, it will be less tiring on the ears.

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  13. I'm on 1.02.2 even though the PC program says 1.02.02. I've updated it several times but the PC program keep displaying the extra zero.


    One further thing I've noticed since the last black screen i got today (that I haven't reset yet), is that it usually boots to a black screen, stips and LEDs after the initial power on screen that displays correctly, but perhaps every 5th or 6th boot ends up with a black main screen but the correct label in the first (footswitch 1) scribble strip and the one above the pedal is also ok. The rest of the scribble strips are black, but the LED rings are colored correctly and the tap tempo is blinking.


    So there is a small difference in how it boots?

    With the colored LED rings on it is definitely a much cooler looking paperweight.  ;)

  14. I tried once again to get it working after having uninstalled and reinstalled everything on the PC. I could turn it on 6-7 times since yesterday with 8 presets without problems, but today I got the black screen again after having added the Uni-Vibe to one of the presets.


    I still can't save anything from the PC program. Trying to save a preset, setlist or bundle, Windows is shutting down the program after an error message has been shown about the program having stopped working.


    Is there any way to avoid the factory reset?

    I tried to press one of the bank up/down buttons during boot, but apparantly you get into some kind of test mode.

  15. I assigned the Level-parameter of the Output-Block to a footswitch and named it "Level-Boost"

    I did that in all my patches and had the black screen three times on the first day.

    I only got the black screen on power up after a break though - not while it was running.


    I did have it freeze one time while it was running, but that was fixed with a reboot without loosing all the presets.


    Could it be related to assigning the pedal to the output parameter?

    I did that to save a block for volume change.

  16. Thank you for that confirmation Digital_Igloo!


    I know that it's a long shot being able to locate a software bug that you can't reliably recreate, so being able to recreate it is often a major step towards finding a solution. This is good news indeed, and I'm confident that you'll get to the bottom of this with some hard work ... and perhaps a good Shark emulator with hardware trace.


    I'm looking forward to the update.  :)

  17. I updated to 1.02.2 and made the factory reset including global settings after update, and I have had the black screen 3 times the first day (after the update which was the first I did).


    I have not been working with it since, but have turned it on and off several times since then to see if the black screen would repeat with an empty Helix, which it hasn't. I have not seen the black screen since I gave up on doing any presets after the 3rd reset on the first day.


    I can still not make a back up, because the program freezes when trying to save, but I can see the changes made on the Helix and I can also change the name of a patch in the program and it will change on the Helix as well.


    I can't really decide if I want to bother with recreating the 24 patches I need for our current set list before I get the ability to make a backup. I'm kind of hoping that Line 6 will make a statement about this issue before I spend more time on it. So my status is that I'm still using my HD500 even though the tone and feel in the Helix is much better.


    It just seems like a waste of time to repeat the same process and expect a different outcome. Isn't that somehow the definition of insanity? For reference I'm using the JTV-69 through the VDI.

  18. Is the use of techniques something like "dithering"?To get more dynamic range?

    You can also oversample and then downsample digitally to get more bits. The chip supports up to 216KHz sampling, so if you're running 48KHz internally you could sample the ADC's at 192KHz and downsample to 48KHz in software giving 12dB extra in theory, but often a higher samplerate comes with higher noise (depending on the design of the chip that is used) so it might be possible that you only get 9dB in total (pure guesswork from my side).


    The comment about the patent pretty much rules out this solution though, because digital down sampling is not a new thing and not something you could patent.

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