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  1. On 7/28/2018 at 1:55 PM, mentalINPUT001 said:

    I have sn amplifi 150 with a mk2 short board.I recently turned it on and the board wouldn't respond.It wouldn't change patches or light up.Only the display is lit showing fbv sb mk2. I don't know what happened or if it can be fixed.Any help would be appreciated


  2. So ive had this issue twice with my board. Im not entirely sure which process i used that worked, but im almost certain it was changing the cat 5 cable. 


    I run a line 6 spider jam 75w 1x12 amp. Here is what i did:


    -I reset my amp to factory default. Reason being is the error came about when i tried to switch the distortion type on the amp while the mkii was plugged in. 

    -next i reset my mkii pedal. 


    Neither of these initially worked.


    I got a cat5 cable i had laying around, didnt work. I unplugged everything and went to storage to get a cat 5 cable and my printer usb cables so i can load the monkey software. When i came home before i connected the software i plugged everything back in with the new cat5 cable. Fixed. 


    The first time this happened i had to put the settings back to where they were before the error occured. So if the amp was on the "green metal" preset model before i moved it, thats where i had to put it to get it to work normal again. It may have just been me shifting causing the cat 5 to work right. This happened like 3 years ago.



    My guess is i could have just got the new cat5 and been done with it. Good luck to you. 


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