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  1. Today I did the update of Flash Memory v2.10 to v2.32 and the sound of POD HD 500 has changed a lot and became very bad.
    After the update, I did the "Global Reseting" then recalibrated the pedal and did the restoration of my "Bundle"

    So when I connected the POD HD500 into an amp, I realized that the sound was horrible, very acute and with no required modulations, including the preset sounds.

    So what do I do?
    Rollback the Flash Memory v2.10 or what?

  2. l have for two years a POD HD500 and the last flash memory I have installed is v.2.10.
    v.2.20 had not interest for me, so, I didn't installed it.
    Now, Line 6 appeared with the v2.31 flash memory, including proposing the exchange of v2.20 to v.2.31.

    My POD HD500 works fine with the flash memory v.2.10.
    So, what I do??
    I Keep the flash memory v2.10 or I exchange to v2.31??
    There would be some advantage in this exchange?

  3. I thought Line 6 had fixed this issue in the POD HD500X.
    2 years ago I created a topic about this issue in the POD HD500 (I don't know where is it).

    I solved the issue opening the POD and unscrewing the two sensors screws of the pedal and cleaning it with a paper soft handkerchief.

    Today I think that the issue was fixed not by the cleaning, but by the fact of unscrewing and screwing back the two sensors screws.

    Anyway, is inadmissible that Line 6 had not fixed this issue in a new product.

  4. The only function of the TRS stereo jack is connect the battery when a plug P10 monaural is inserted and disconnect the battery when the plug P10 monaural is removed of the guitar.
    The PRS Torero already comes with a TRS stereo jack, so you can use any monaural guitar cable without problem to connect the guitar to a POD HD500.

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