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  1. The first thing I would do is make sure I have plenty of free memory.. If not free some up.

    Turn off WiFi or moble connections

    The next thing would be multiple programs open .. close all programs besides the Mobile pod.

    Next try another IOS program like JamUp Pro XT.

    After all that if I still had latency I would start checking wiring, last ditch resort the SonicPort itself may be faulty then i would arrange to send it to tech support to see if they could find a problem..Eliminate the easiest things first then look for the not so easy.


    I run live with Sonic port straight to my home PA and our house PA,, with no latency issues at all.

  2. Hi,


    I have been using SonicPort for about 2 weeks now with no issues. Sunday I went  to hook up for a gig and I got a high pitched tone constant feedback line in to my PA.. 

    My setup is this.


    Ipad2 running Jamup Pro XT


    Line in 1/4 guitar

    Line out I have a 1/4 inch stereo splitter I have an XLR adapter on one leg and the other leg runs 1/4 to my powered floor monitor.


    When the feedback was occuring it was only happening in the XLR adapted side which goes to the PA board.. the feedback did not come through my powered floor monitor..



    thoughts?.. Do I have the correct rig for live performance? A picture of my rig is attached...post-1388428-0-89323400-1398174012_thumb.jpg

  3. I have a recommendation if I may,, I use to use head phones for editing.. Tried every single high end studio head phone Up to a set of Sony that cost me 400 bucks. I never was satisfied with how different the sound would be from editing on head phones and then running the patch live.. On the headphones it would sound great. But live through the PA system sounded like garbage.. Musician friend had the 4 channel SONIC PA system with the 10†speaker cabs on sale for 399… so I jumped on it..  I’ll never go back to headphones for editing… WAY Better.. The only time I’ll use headphones now is if I just have to be dead quiet..

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  4. I have been using the HD500 for about 2 years now Sunday 2 services plus Sunday night services.. LOVE IT!.. All the elctric players in our worship team use HD500 and there is one using the XT still.. I have worship tones on custom tone for contemporary, and christian metal.   Just look up StokesGA on custom tone..Most of all my tones were written on Stratocasters.

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