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    Actually as a stand alone guitar it is very good. The pickups on mine sound amazing through all of my rigs. I did have to do some work on the neck & bridge though. The bridge needed adjustment and the frets needed some work. I mean going from a 3K PRS to this guitar you will definitely "Feel" the difference in the edge of the frets so I had to fix that. I did it myself. Now it feels right.

    What kind of fret and bridge work.. i'm also coming out of a 3k PRS that provided me with some nice fat crunchy sounds that i use for Praise and Worship is this capable of these tones.. Working my way towards a dream rig so wondering if it's worth it.. The guitar would be my second piece.. Thanks Glenn..

  2. Hi Guyz, I've been researching the purchase of a jtv69 being that I'm going to be expanding not only in the studio but also live..Let me start by saying that I OWN A POD HD500X. which is one of the reasons that I'm considering the guitar purchase but I have questions..And I know that a lot is subject to personal preference but sometimes there are legit problems with theses set ups.I do have the money to buy the guitar but it doesn't mean that I just want spend it unnecessarily..beeing that I could also purchase a New Strat..

    1. Usa vs Korean.. What's the real difference..fell,playability,Price range. I see some (new) for $899 and some for $1299.

    2. Tuning stability.. I play a lot of chord inversions.

    3.live and recording use . Does the guitar work better in live or studio and can it be used for both.

    4.upgrade issues with different versions v1.9 and v2.0.. BIG DISCUSSION ON THIS..

    5. Durability..

    6.How is the guitar as a STAND ALONE INSTRUMENT?? I own an analogue system . will the guitar interact with it like a NORMAL Guitar??

    7.Functionality with IOS. Does it work well.

    8. Do i have to buy any other cables or attachments for the use with the Pod Hd.


  3. Sorry man.. but the above information isn't correct..


    I use the FS 5-8 mode all the time

    and the Up/Down footswitches change one bank at a time (not the preset)


    the main difference when using the FS 5-8 mode is that every time you want change preset you need always a double press..

    by pressing the up or down footswitch enters the "change bank/preset" mode and let you change bank (if you want), after that you have to press one of the FS 5-8 (which become active momentarily as ABCD preset switches) to choose which of the 4 presets into the bank you want, and to exit the "change bank/preset" mode

    Kool I give it a shot!!! THANKS !!!!

  4. The Up/Down footswitches work differently depending on your global FS Mode setting. In FS Mode = ABCD the switches move you up or down one bank at a time, and the A through D switches select the preset within the current bank. In FS Mode = FS5-8 the switches move you up or down one preset at a time, not one bank at a time.

    So it is possible... Just 1 preset at a time..

    So instead of bank it would be

    Preset 1 fender amp with 8 effects..(pressing the bank up = 1 preset up)

    Preset 2 dr.z amp with different effects..

    Is that correct????

  5. Hey guyz just wondering if i use the 500x in pedalboard mode can i still bank up and down with different pedal settings.. Kinda like the m13 that has scenes.but i still want to use the amp models ..

    Ex. Bank 1 Fender amp with whatever 8 effects i choose..

    Bank 2 Dr.z amp with another set of effects......and so on...

  6. No speakers are ever truly flat response. Add to that the effect the room will have on every speaker and you end up with this basic idea:


    If the full range speakers sound good with your gear in the rooms you generally play in then you should be good to go.


    The other thing is you will always need to tweak your patches to the final system and volume (and band) you will be playing in. It's not convenient, it sucks, but that's really the only way. Tweaking on your Altos will get you close, but if you can spend some time tweaking through the church PA will get you the best results.

    Thanks!!! When you make dual amp patches and you adjust the amp nobs on the front panell .. Does that adjust for both amps????

  7. is there a difference between the edit software in a Windows Pc and a Mac? To my knowledge there isn't. So I think all the vids for a Windows Pc also apply to a Mac. If it doesn't work, what is different exactly?


    Normal behaviour for copying a preset from Editor to Hd500x: select a preset (the preset is yellow then), and press 'selected' on the top left of editor screen (in the send segment). And then the hd500x will sync for a moment. Done, mission accomplished. What exactly goes wrong in your setup?



    Well i like to make copies of a patch after I've made it so i can tweak and make several different version of it..watched the vid  and it says to press and hold control to do this.. not sure if this is  different command on the mac but it doesn't work for me.. the saving part I got.. it's the coping i can get to work..Thanks

  8. So I have 2 Alto Tsa that i bought for monitors and now Im using them for the Pod500x to me they sound good but no im worried that my patches wont sound the same in my church.. They use behringers.. Should i continue with the tsa to build patches or should i use headphones instead??

  9. Hi Guyz. I have a 500x and i'm trying to work my way around the edit software so i can make and save presets to the the hd500x .Im running A Mac mini with Maverics 10.9..Saw a couple of vids but most of them are with windows and when i tried a couple of tips like copying the same patch multiple times it was a no go .. Still don't know how to back up my patches or save them on the 500x!! Advice please or if there is a guide or a thread on this already(which i searched) please point me in the rite direction!! THANX!!

  10. Hi Guyz New to the Pod Hd 500x and just wondering if there is a setting that i need to make to get my pod to come thru my comp speakers.. I m under the impression that I'm so posed here my pod thru my comp speakers when i use the edit program.. i have downloaded all driver and latest firmware and flash memory!! if there is a post on this already please direct me to the right one thanks!!! :)

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