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  1. Hi! Thank you for all your efforts. Sadly my DT50H was left behind with no changes. (only thing they do was exchange the 12ax7 EH leaving on it 2 12ax7 JJ. They do not perform Bulletin 059 or any other maintenance (No bias check, etc). The hiss is very noticeable mainly on Topology III with Class A and 12ax7 enable. I know this is normal, but I dont find the level of the noise beign normal. I decided to brought the Amp to another technical service (there is NO other Line6 authorized service in Chile), look for someone to check bias and hopefully reduce the floor noise of the amp (when I put different brands of 12ax7 the floor level change sometimes for good, sometimes for bad... so that is a clue. I want to know what happened if my amp fails due to not perform Bulletin 059 when Audiomusica knowing about it dont do anything to my amp. Beside I want to ask you for help or tips to reduce my amp noise floor and perhaps instruction to when I bring the amp to another service center. Thank you so much!

    1. psarkissian


      Do not use JJ tubes.

      Two topology settings are normally more noisy, the other two are more quiet. That is normal.


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