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  1. There is an error in the attachment and can not be opened.

    It needs to be corrected or deleted before posting can be approved.

  2. Respond to this one.

    1. MrDRC


      Hey there, I received notification that you've shipped my guitar back. I never heard from anyone about paying the repair fee. Can you update me on the situation please? 

      Thanks, Dan Cannon

    2. MrDRC


      Hey mate, what do you want me to say on the forums, if anything? I got my guitar back today and IT WORKS! I see they bypassed the diode as it was removed but I don’t want to say anything on the forum that might cause you some trouble or explanation.


      Nobody ever called me for repair payment or return shipping payment. I can’t tell you how I appreciate you guys helping me out! That’s fantastic customer service and people need to know! The forums are littered with negative crap but it’s not unusual as most people join the forum to complain, not to praise the company


      I’d love to say “thank you” to Line 6 for helping me and let everyone know how great the company/service techs are but don’t want to say anything that might mislead people. I see many who buy 2nd hand stuff and expect warranty service. I’m sure you guys noticed I bought my Variax new 18 years ago and registered it immediately. Guess that might have helped? 

      Anyway, please pass my thanks along to your mate on fixing my guitar and I won’t post anything until I hear from you. 


      Cheers! Dan Cannon AKA MrDrc (forum name) 

  3. If it's the older of the two guitars, then it could also use a current main board and firmware. 

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