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  1. No broken string ends in the cavities messing with the electronics? 

    You have v2.23 program, good. 

    It may need a going over by a Line 6 authorized service center. 

    Find me on the FB Variax Group ,

    ... then personal message me, with the "W" and the first four digits,... only.

    I can check a few things quick. Will be able to check deeper once back at work on Tuesday.


  2. If it's an oxidized intermittent solder point, a Line 6 authorized service center can deal with that and do an overall

    check up. Tubes are still available, but other parts are not,... processor boards are all gone and no longer available.

  Valve MkII Pilot's Guide ( Rev F ).pdf?_ga=2.19226620.559611353.1693237757-1854743224.1659634079


    Can bypass effects and use the power amp input.


    MkII has MIDI In/Thru connectors, the MkI does not.


  3. Correct, polish would be the wrong thing to use, it would smooth away the matte finish. Polish is more appropriate for clear coat lacquers.


    Use blue "Scott Shop Towel", lightly dampened with a wide spray (so it's not too concentrated) burst of Formula 409 or Meguiar's Mist & Wipe Quik Detailer.


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  4. Yes. In regards to using modeling,....

    Lighter than 10's lessens the string tension-to-piezo pressure, and so the signal can start to sound thin.

    9's would still work. 8's might have less tension to the point where artifacts such warbling or pitch tracking

    issues can occur at some level. You may or may not notice it.


    It's a matter of a balance of tensions on the instrument.


  5. "....the guys from line 6 are actually looking at the Ideas Scales for further development. " --- Yes.

    That is how the Helix came about, among some others.


    "... my primary argument was that there was no reason a future Variax couldn't keep what we have and add more. " ---

    It would be a mixed balance between memory capacity on the board and features in a future Workbench application.


  6. "... apparently it could be the DSP chip in the main board overheating ?", that is one of the things it could be.


    "... don't understand how that's possible if I'm just using it for bedroom projects and practice ? ", clock rate and

    data rates generate current, and that dissipates heat.


    No, weather would not affect that.


    Being that there is a heat sink on the processor board, and it is a 15+ year old product, then it could be

    intermittent solder point(s), or intermittent connecting cable to the front controls.


    Either way, it should be taken to a Line 6 authorized service center and have their tech check it out and determine

    what the cause is. They would have experience with our product.



  7. brue58ski, "... I remember something like this and it used original Variax hardware and not the JTV's. ".

    Yes, the Parker Fly had a Variax 700 Electric board in it.


    Original RackVax was a rack mounted JTV board with connectors on the panel. One problem would be

    the programming. There are many programs, depending on which body switch and pick-up configuration

    it is going into. JTV board is therefore NOT a-one-size-fits-all situation.


    Another problem was support. RackVax is not a Line 6 product, therefore unsupported by Line 6,

    so it would be use at your own risk.


    Other problem is, it won't sound the same using other guitars.


    All that's left are the connector widget on the site.


    Problem is, it claims it's compatible. How much so is not totally spelled out. So it's a use at your own risk proposition.



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