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  1. Sounds like you got it into some sort of "save mode" or held down one of the

    knobs too long and it went into some sort of mode. If need be, and you want to

    get into a factory default set of settings, the re-Flash the unit using Monkey.

    Otherwise, your probably fine.


    I've serviced hundreds of these and the only time I see LED's light up in other

    than the usual colors, is when it's in some programming or save mode. Which is

    something I never need to use, since I use it as is and don't do much custom stuff.


    Sounds like you're okay now. Contact Line 6 support if that should change.

  2. There are a number of things that can contribute to warbling, RealZap mentioned

    pick-up height. Yes, I see this often enough.


    The sound sample is more indicative of string buzz (not warbling) from the string nut slots,

    if there are burrs or wearing in the slots. Fret buzz can also contribute. Both kinds of buzz

    can become part of the signal and end up being processed like the rest of it, hence this

    distorted dual-tone effect from being Alt Tuned with the main signal.


    Intonation can be off enough to where a dual-tone appears.


    On a couple of occasions, an 89F turn out to have the piezo lines in the wrong sequence. 

    An easy fix at the service center.


    Typically, it's a matter of which string and how it manifests. It won't always be the same

    every time, in every situation. It requires a service tech experienced with this product to

    tease that out.


    Is on all the strings or just a couple?

    Every fret,... or just certain strings on certain frets?


    Trying to do it yourself can leave you chasing your tail or chasing ghosts in the machine.

    It's not our grandfather's arch-top Gibson anymore, with passive electronics. Need a service

    tech (Line 6 authorized service) experienced with troubleshooting this product for that one.

  3. "Unless of course you meant slapping a wider nut on the stock JTV neck...

    but who in their right mind would do that?"--- Precisely, you hit the nail on the head. :)

    But then, I've come to expect that from you.


    Unfortunately, there are modified JTV's that come across my bench all too often with

    mods that should have never been done, including mod' or 3rd party nuts, or backwards nuts.


    As a result, there are maybe four people besides myself (and Tyler's people), in all

    of North America, that I trust, to do mods on a JTV,.... and not mess it up.


    And the user names here I recognize as a savvy bunch. :)

  4. Single row of contacts, so don't go trying to replace it with a CRL from Stew-Mac,

    that one won't work as a replacement (I get asked that one all the time).


    And yes, the Model circuit routine also goes through there to give you your five

    versions of Model.


    Sounds like time to take it to the local Line 6 authorized tech in your area.

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  5. There is a +/- tolerance, of which, if my calculations are correct (some

    metric to linear converting),... the 0.01 inch is well within the tolerance

    range by almost a whole decimal place.


    Comparing a Variax 600 to a JTV is an apple to orange comparison,

    and so isn't really all that valid beyond general comparisons between

    old vs new product.  Apples vs oranges,...


    The problem with the high-E slip had to do with the fret edge dressing,

    which was addressed wit a newer fret edge spec.


    All of which was covered in forum postings two years ago, when the current

    fret spec was rolled in.


    The 69 in that photo looks like the old fret spec,... from 2011?

  6. The maple-on-maple necks are a smidgeon different contour than

    rosewood-on-maple,... or at least it feels that way.


    Some prefer the maple-on-maple, Some prefer the rosewood-on-maple.

    They each feel a bit different.


    All the 69S guitars should have the current fret edge spec, so high-e slip

    should be kept to a minimum. It's odd that there would be high-e slip on

    a 69S with that fret edge spec that it has. Unless there's something else

    going on there.


    I own a JTV-69 with the old fret spec, the only time I get high-e slip off is when

    my technique is sloppy at that moment, otherwise it's no problem for me.

  7. There is a general string-to-edge clearance spec that I set to, and I have the tools.

    We don't usually bring them back for a set-up issue (check with the support line on

    those options). But if there is something off about the neck, I'll be able to check it out.


    I make a point of playing a variety of styles so that I cover most of the bases. From

    what I recall, your 89 played nice when it was in last. 


    Also, it is standard with me to do set-up for the climate of the end destination (ie- your locations).

    If it's a smidgen off after four days of acclimatisation, take it to a local guitar tech to get that final dialing-in.

  8. Did you change the gauge of the set?

    If so, a set-up has to be done to the guitar. Changing gauges change the tension and so changes the set-up (relief, action and such).


    Change strings one at a time or pull the whole set off at once?

    Changing all at once leaves the guitar without string tension for a time, and can also have an ever so slight affect on the set-up until the strings tension settles in (which can be up to a couple of days).


    Have you checked for burrs in the nut slots of the string nut?

    Burr can give distortions that can get processed along with the rest of the audio.


    Make sure the retainer nuts for the tuning machines are snug (not too tight, that would create a host of other problems).


    If it's still under warranty, have an authorized Line 6 service center that knows JTV's, have them give it a good going over.

    They will have what's needed for servicing these guitars.

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