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  1. Sounds like a sticky knob, take it to your local Line 6 authorized service center that

    is well versed in JTV's. Still under warranty?


    -There's a internal knob fix for that should a sticky knob occur, it's not always needed,

    or it would be part of the knob already. Too many people try to improvise it themselves

    and end up making things worse. That would be a service center job, they would be able

    to get the correct part for that.


    -Check the Volume and Tone controls, are they loose? If so, that would also be a

    service center job to re-align the controls for easy knob excursions, then tighten any

    retainer nuts.


    It's a fine adjustment sort of thing. The service center would also be able to double check the set-up for you.

  2. Some ghost notes (not all) are a result of set-up (action or intonation) or fret buzz issues that get

    quantized, and the DSP processes that along with everything else.


    Fret buzz would usually be a result of truss rod relief and/or action adjustments.


    Whistling howls in the more resonant Models (tend to be) a result of intonation being a smidgeon off.

    I use those more resonant Models to help check intonation in the performance, after having done a

    strobe tune on it.


    Crosstalk is more a result sympathetic vibration from other strings getting picked up by the respective

    string's piezo. The terms crosstalk and sympathetic vibration do tend to get used interchangeably, and

    that's understandable and okay, there's only a subtle and some would say minor difference between them.


    Be careful Charlie, nice to know that you know your limitations. Easy for me to say, some of us techs

    have been doing this longer than most.


    One guy tried it himself, shimmed the 69 neck so much that the angle and relief resembled more of a violin or

    an old archtop guitar neck angle. I had to pull it all apart, re-assemble it and start the set-up again from scratch.

  3. Correct,.... changing string gauges isn't a problem, it's making sure the guitar tech

    adjusts the set-up afterwards (for the string gauge and climate for the given location).


    It's like that with any guitar, JTV, 600, 300,... Gibson, Fender, electric, acoustic, violin to

    double bass. If you change the gauge, the set-up has to be re-done to account for the

    the change in string tension on the neck and body of any stringed instrument.


    "I've never heard of anyone being warned against changing the string gauge as far is pertains to the warranty coverage"--- it isn't a warning against changing string gauges, it's recommended to have any work done on any Line 6 product, to have it done by a Line 6 authorized service center while the warranty is in affect.

  4. What's the serial number of the JTV-69?


    I do neck swaps, I can change the pick-up covers while it's apart. The neck swap would have

    to be for a legitimate reason, and for another JTV-69 neck.


    To be more accurate regarding string changes,.... it's not that we mind string gauge changes,

    it's that when you change gauge, it needs to be taken to a guitar tech to have the

    set-up (neck relief, string action and intonation) re-adjusted for that gauge (and for the climate

    of your geographic area).


    Changing string gauge changes the string tension, and that changes the set-up.

  5. Not if you mess with the functionality of the guitar, that would void the warranty.

    So don't go pulling up the pick-guard assembly yourself. It may be a cosmetic thing,

    but it requires getting under the pick-guard.


    Something cosmetic like that,... check with reps on the customer support line,

    and see if they'll approve something like that, since it requires getting under the pick-guard.


    I see too many times where someone knows just enough to get themselves into trouble,

    then I see the results. It's like those TV ads,.... "don't try this at home".

  6. No worries, I'm not testy. I am sometimes in a hurry to get these responses out and though

    I'm good with guitars, my typing skills can use some augmenting. "That's all I meant..."--- I figured

    as much. Ah yes, the smiley face,... :)


    They thrust this upon me because I asked for it. They know how much I like working on these.

    There are also a number of Line 6 authorized service centers in America that are capable, so

    I get some help. And there's my counterparts in the UK taking care of the Euro Zone. :)


    I also own a 69 and two 59's. :) :)

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  7. Yes crusinon2,... I'm it. Would've thought the "US Service Technician & Moderator" was the dead giveaway.


    The crosstalk issue,... a combination of playing technique and/or set-up.

    It's usually good to have the set-up checked by a local guitar tech in your area,

    who is authorized Line 6, and knows JTV's. Local, because climate will affect 

    the set-up.


    "I know the PCB was moved to the backside of the block, but anything else?"--- No. If there was anything else, they haven't told me yet.


    "Unless one really knows what they're doing, jury-rigging stuff that wasn't

    designed to work together is at the very least a pain in the arse"--- Right you are. Seen my share of Frankenstein'ed JTV's. Not always pretty, which is why they come across my bench in the first place.

  8. Regarding string gauge,....


    If you want to use 9's, that's okay,.... but you'll need to take it to a guitar tech to have the

    set-up adjusted for that gauge set. When you change gauges, you change the tension,

    when you change the tension, the set-up is off and needs to be adjusted.


    That info might not be in the brochures, because it's just a common aspect of all guitars.

    Change anything that alters the string tension, and you alter the set-up. It's like that on all

    guitars, not just JTV's.


    Also, climate of your location also affects the set-up. When you get a guitar back from a

    distant shop, the set-up should be done with your location in mind, so give it a couple days

    or more to settle in. If it is still a little off, take it to a local guitar tech for that final dial-in.



  9. "Not sure a Line6 Service person would mess with my JTV now that I've swapped out the piezos"---


    Being the JTV service guy at Line 6, yes,... I would,... but I don't know if it would be warrantied at this point.

    But I'd service it anyway. I'm here for when a teak goes wrong as well as the usual JTV servicing,...

    and unfortunately, I see plenty of those tweaks go wrong.


    Please tread with care, it's not our father's old hollow body archtop. A JTV is a whole other kind of beast,

    stroke and cuddle under the chin with care.



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  10. From what I've found, crosstalk would not be a correct terminology.

    The tests I've made points to sympathetic vibrations from other strings,

    especially if it's an open string. And that sounds thru its piezo and signal path,

    and gets process like everything else.


    Crosstalk, sympathetic vibrations, similar things the terminology tends to be used

    interchangeably. Hope I clarified a bit.

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