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  1. brue58ski, "... I remember something like this and it used original Variax hardware and not the JTV's. ".

    Yes, the Parker Fly had a Variax 700 Electric board in it.


    Original RackVax was a rack mounted JTV board with connectors on the panel. One problem would be

    the programming. There are many programs, depending on which body switch and pick-up configuration

    it is going into. JTV board is therefore NOT a-one-size-fits-all situation.


    Another problem was support. RackVax is not a Line 6 product, therefore unsupported by Line 6,

    so it would be use at your own risk.


    Other problem is, it won't sound the same using other guitars.


    All that's left are the connector widget on the site.


    Problem is, it claims it's compatible. How much so is not totally spelled out. So it's a use at your own risk proposition.



  2. There are two kinds of XLR type AES/EBU cables,...

    Low impedance Mic cable at 50-Ohms for analog use.

    Line 6 Link or L6 Link cable at 110-Ohms for digital use.


    Do Not mix or swap them.

    Correct impedance for the correct usage, or problems can occur.



    I've used these in my work servicing and repairing guitars.


    These days I use this one. Got it back when the cost was somewhat less. 


    Some people use the two spoon method, with something to pad underneath, so the spoons don't scuff the finish.



  4. Using Google Translate from Italian,....


    I'm a left handed guitarist so finding guitars I like has always been difficult. Today easier than once, but always difficult. Although I own 18 beautiful instruments, including vintage ones, out of curiosity I switched to digital by purchasing a PODHD 500 which, after six hard months of learning, is giving me great satisfaction. Now I wanted a Variax to explore new horizons with POD, but unfortunately nothing. No new models, no used old models. In the end I decided, also encouraged by some line6 users who had already done so, I bought a used Variax 300 for right-handers and this morning I made it left-handed. Four hours of work in total: turned the nut, disassembled the bridge and inverted the direction of the connector of the 6 piezoelectrics (there is no need to do anything else) reassembled everything, new strings, for safety even if it is not necessary, I rewound the firmware with line6 Monkey and ............... Amazing!!!! The acoustic 6 and 12 string sounds have got me guys dreaming. The guitar is not particularly uncomfortable even if it is Hendrixian. I arrive well at the 20th fret and with the bend of two semitones I play a full D, sufficient for most of the songs. The controls are a bit awkward, but don't bump your arm while playing. With POD you dream: I can store Variax models and controls in patches and go from a growling Les Paul with a Mesa to a dreamy Martin D12 with effects. Great how this has been around for 15 years and I'm using it now. I won't be selling my analog gear, but the Variax and POD will definitely feature prominently in my rig. Give it a try, it's worth it. Good job, Tris.



  5. Do not alter or modify. Certain components may fail (I can't get into which component,

    proprietary stuff). And parts for older guitars are scarce or no longer available, depending

    on the model of he older Varaix guitar.


    TS can drain battery faster.


    Yes, Li-Ion in older Variax is not compatible with older Variax. Someone tried that years ago,

    it ended badly for the electronics.


  6. DO NOT use the Cameron-Sino batteries, they are unreliable. Had a Variax in a week and a half ago,... battery would charge.

    I've had nothing but toruble with those Cameron-Sino batteries.


    I submitted a request to have the service center map checked and updated.


    pinfos,... no deception. They are out there. But because they are Li-Ion, they can only ship in small bundles at a time for safety reasons.

    They are getting through, just not fast enough.



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