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  1. brue58ski,... pretty much.


    Other complications would be that 89F is a tremolo bridge and the way it's mounted. Have not seen a successful function of a GK-3 on an 89F yet.

    Couple of 69's (tremolo bridge) and a number of 59's (fixed bridge). Would be interesting to hear how this one turns out. Good luck.


  2. silverhead,... looks like a Standard head stock, the Standards are made at a Yamaha plant in Indonesia. Guess you forgot?

    Serial numbers start with "Y". Was a collaboration project between Line 6 and Yamaha back  in 2015.


    PierM,... Standards are not decal-ed, JTV and Shuriken is. These are special stamped. Good guess though.


    Purchased on Reverb, eBay, other online??? There would be a record of the seller somewhere in the system.


    Knock off,... no.

    Stolen,... possibility.

    This would have to be sanded off.

    Ultraviolet or infrared might bring out the number better.

    There is a batch number under the mounting of the neck, but it won't help much in narrowing down the S# beyond knowing the build year.



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  3. "Why not? What are the possible issues? "  --- Too many for me to get into.


    Being out of warranty,... would be at your own risk. And if it ended up on my repair bench,...

    an unsupported mod, I would have to send it back untouched, as they only pay me to work

    on our product and not someone else's accessory devices (Roland, in this case).


  4. DO NOT use oil.

    Not fused to saddle, part of it is string tension.

    This is not a DIY operation, and set-up on one of these is not like doing a Strat or some other generic passive electronic guitar. 

    Should be done by a tech with experience with this guitar. Certain quirks that make all the difference. Will save time, expense

    and a lot of grief in the end.


    Li-Ion batteries are trickling out there. Can only get so many at a time,... some shipping safety thing in regards to large quantities of Li-Ion's.

    So it's limited shipments at a time. But they shipping. Don't know the ETA's, it keeps changing with logistic bottle necks. Keeping checking in

    with Yamaha Canada.



  5. Could be the switch (solder point, failing micro switch), could be the bridge pick-up, or a solder point.

    Should be troubleshooted by a tech that knows and has experience with the product. Parts from Full Compass

    should be good.


    Update to that prior post,... it's been 15-1/2 plus years here and 2,800-ish plus Variaxes later,... best approximation.



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