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  1. Tubes wouldn't make it come up on computer display as a DT112 instead of 212,... only the dip switches would.

    Even nudging them by accident (which I caught myself doing couple times). Makes it think there's only one 12"

    speaker in there and throws everything off.


    Mullards frying it,... maybe, doubt it, maybe stressed it some. Mullards didn't help. Might be recoverable. A Line 6

    authorized tech could deal with and would have access to me for any specifics.



  2. 1- Was it in "Standby" mode when you connected to check the Firmware?

    2- Distorted sound could be tubes, could be a solder point on the processor board.

    Being an older product, solder points would be starting to oxidize by now.

    3- Are the power tubes matched pairs, and did you change out the pre-amp tubes as well?


    Having Mullards didn't help. Taking it to a Line 6 authorized shop would have techs who know the product.

    If it's reading as a DT-112, then the shop messed up with the processor board setting. Have them check it out.

    They can contact us if they want, being an authorized service center.



  3. Reset is done by re-Flashing using Monkey.



    At this point contact,...

    Waaier 36
    VW Leimuiden, 2451



    Servicing: Electronics,Guitars
    1 rue des champs Bat G-ZI de la Piaterie
    Wasquehal, 59290

    09 83 75 54 86


    ... they are the authorized service centers in your region.

    May need to replace the main board.


  4. Sounds like dual tone effect. That's when you hear the standard tuning coming off the strings, and the alternate tuning coming out of the amp.

    Turning up the amp a bit will minimize it, as would using headphones, depending on where you are and your set-up.


    Knob top,... very small dabs of Krazy glue on the knob rim, put the top back on, let it an hour before putting the knob back on the shaft.


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  5. Ah, right, sorry. I see you are outside the USA. See if one of these can get you one.


        Yamaha Canada Music
    135 Milner Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario, M1S3R1
    Phone: 416-298-1311
    A   Backline Musician Services Inc.
    Servicing: Electronics
    1424 Frances St.
    Vancouver, British Columbia, V5L 1Y9
    Phone: 604-258-9111
    B   Briere Production Group (Vancouver Studiotech)
    Servicing: Electronics,Guitars
    768 Sproule Ave.
    Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3J 4L5
    Phone: 604-931-1661
    C   Long & McQuade Surrey
    Servicing: Electronics,Guitars
    13785 104th Ave.
    Surrey, British Columbia, V3T 1W6
    Phone: 604-588-9421
    D   Em-Tech
    420 Banks Rd. Unit 1
    Kelowna, British Columbia, V1X 6A3
    Phone: 250-717-1765
  6. Take it to an authorized service center, so they can go through it all correctly.

    Heater fuse, old tubes bringing down the heater fuse, and about four other things it could be, none of which is going to be a self repair.

    Tubes should be changed out once every 18 months on average, depending on use.


    Please keep your fingers out of the insides of these, the shock hazard is too great.


    It lights up, so it sounds like the processor board is working.


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