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  1. ...Slight patch-to-patch volume (not tone) levels will be a thing of the past for anyone lucky enough to own a Helix when they hit the shelves. Any volume variations between patches will be easily levelled with FEET on the fly while still playing the guitar in seconds.....


    i can image the lucky ones tap-dancing while playing 'n singing!

    wonderful show :D

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  2. This is a quick on the fly sound comparison btwn helix + hd500 using a jtv69s spank 5 position.

    Patches used:
    All r based on the famous Son of Plexi factory preset.
    Patches were set on the fly with minimal effort; if i have time I'll further tweak them 2 a full match with the helix sound...

    I think with a little bit of global eq'ing, it wld b difficult 2 blind-recognize which is which :)

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