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  1. the activation code is likely some sort of internal line6 number for your license...

    no line6 licenses require that you use the activation code... just the license manager.

    it's confusing, but i think that's how the system was setup long ago.


    tks zap, it's clear now :)

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  2. try using attached 'PODX4Edit.lang' (unzip 1st).

    it is a plain txt file i copied from the location duncann suggested...

    it contain model pack amp codes , names, etc. (opens with notepad, excel, , xml formatted).

    it is wise 2 keep a copy from ur original 'PODX4Edit.lang' file.

    FYI, i have latest s/w+f/w running BUT HAVE NOT PURCHASED ANY MODEL PACK.

    good luck :)



    may b someone else who installed model pack(s) compare this file with the one on his pc 'n report differences (if any)...

  3. ...

    I will try plugging in a 1/4 inch to the guitar tonight which will cause the JTV to be powered up fully before I power up the HD500. If this fixes the issue then it logically points towards an issue with PSU not being able to maintain voltage under a load. This would be easy to test if I had a scope but I don't.




    did u try plugging in a 1/4 inch 2 the guitar?

    if yes, did this fix the issue?

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  4.                                                                ---------------------
                                     ------------------- --------> |  FX RETURN AMP 1  |
                                     |                              ---------------------
                ------               |
               |     |---OUTR L------
    GUITAR---> |HD500|
               |     |---OUTR R------
               ------                |
                                     |                              ---------------------
                                     ----------------------------> |  FX RETURN AMP 2  |



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  5. It has to be with the update... At least part of it.

    Using all new firmware it will completely render the HD UNUSABLE, no buttons work, but if I roll back the HD to the previous firmware, I am able to use it, after 10 seconds from fully powered.

    I will be getting a replacement power supply BUT only if it is absolutely necessary.


    ok,  pls keep us informed abt final diagnosis, so that -if this is the case- we can also take preventive measures and (possibly) reflash with 2.63...


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