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  1. i quote an old fruitless invitation by deandinosaur.

    as far as i know, this till now remains "nobody-accepts-the-challenge"...

    keep on rocking everbody!!!!  :)




    Here's a quick Scientific challenge to prove that the POD HD is just as capable as Kemper or AXE II


    and No it's not a challenge of playing Skills either.


    Anyone who's reading this thread who has an AXE FX or Kemper can post  a downloadable link to two small files of MP3 quality of 160kbps or above of a short performance using their favorite patch in that device (Kemper or AXE II). The two tracks should be of the same performance, one of them is a DI track,  so I, or any POD HD owners, will re-amp that track using the POD HD  to "Tone Match" or "Profile" the wet track using only the POD HD and human ears




    I personally guarantee that I will get you a sound that will be very close and if not identical it might be better and I will post the HD 500 Patch. If you keep posting different sounds, I will keep posting corresponding  patches using HD500 until you have enough to consider whether you want to keep your Kemper or AXE. If you're interested  that  we get closer patches, it would be nice to give little information about the amp or pedals used.

    Fair enough?  I think it's more that fair and it's the only way that will give an accurate representation of what each unit can do.


    Any other approach involving two different performances by two different players will be skewed for very obvious reasons (more skilled player will sound better regardless) . Anyone who has a Kemper or AXE II should be able to provide a direct track fairly easy, but I have a feeling that no one will provide direct tracks because sadly people in general don't like to face reality head on. I don't think someone who spent 2500 or more on AXEII is interested in having his direct track Re-amped using the POD HD coming out sounding the same and better. Make no mistake about it, it will sound just as good or better using the POD HD.


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  2. the psu works perfect with latest fw, it can ABSOLUTELY boot concurrently both the hd500 AND the jtv.

    so the new fw has nothing 2 do.


    ur specific psu may b the culprit.

    may b some capacitor is discharged during the 1st cold-start-attempt 2 boot, so the hd500 restarts, this time the capacitor has been charged and can supply required amperage.


    anyway, i am just guessing, since u reported symptom disappeared when the battery was installed...

    common sense says that rebooting is usually connected with poor power supply.


    i suggest u go 2 ur local store 'n try with a different psu from a new/fresh hd500(x) unit?

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  3. I'm pretty sure Joe Walsh is playing his outro solo through a phaser. 


    Nice job with the harmonized solo, there's a few harmonizer glitches when you put the guitar alone, but within the band it's unnoticable.


    echoflanger tks 4 the comment :)


    well, opinions diverge abt joe's signal chain on the studio recording of HC.

    many people think he used the MXR Phase 90, other say he recorded with just his guitar+amp...


    anyway, on the "provided joe's-patch", u can easily add the MXR90 (phaser/script phase) 'n check out the sound (u must deactivate the analog chorus)...

  4. do u have usb fw 1.04 loaded?



    Another observation, with the JTV CONNECTED TO THE HD500, and ALSO connecting a 1/4" jack to the JTV 69 (the other end of the 1/4" jack not connected anywhere), resulted in the pod working properly from startup!!!
    This is also true after updating the HD to the 2.62 version! BUT THIS WON'T WORK IF YOU REMOVE THE BATTERY.




    on second thought, i blieve u have a psu problem, since the symptom disappears when the jtv is battery powered.

    so, can u check with nother psu?

  5. Can anyone who responded that they did not experience this issue tell me if they are running the HD500 or the HD500X?






    • this in not happening 2 me (jtv69s+hd500, both running under latest fw).
    • i always have the jtv connected 2 the hd500 via the vdi cable (battery removed) when powering-on the system.
    • i always reflash the jtv thru vdi+hd500 and NOT by using the dongle.




    i have the jtv 69s and the hd500 (as stated).

    no problems till now.

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  6. OK, I have verified that this is an easily repeatable problem with the new firmware. On My HD500 with the new firmware and a JTV59 and JTV69 with two different VDI cables (not the cables for the USB dongle but the real VDI cable for performance).


    All you need to do to make the POD completely unusable is to power up the HD500 while the JTV is connected. After power up The foot switches do nothing and the POD is in a bad state. The only way to fix this issue is to power off the POD disconnect the JTV and power up the POD and then connect the JTV after the POD has finished powering up.


    • this in not happening 2 me (jtv69s+hd500, both running under latest fw).
    • i always have the jtv connected 2 the hd500 via the vdi cable (battery removed) when powering-on the system.
    • i always reflash the jtv thru vdi+hd500 and NOT by using the dongle.
    • no problems either.


    i'm reporting the abv in order 2 help u debug the symptom :)

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    1. open edit off line.
    2. u have 512 empty "new tones"
    3. connect pod
    4. u rcv the msg "pod has been connected. download presets from pod (y/n)?"
    5. answer no (the 512 "new tones" remain on edit ram BUT STILL NOT ON POD)
    6. press send all

    u just wrote 512 "new tones" on ur pod's memory :)

  8. only on the intro, i'm talkin' abt the elec parts....


    btw it's not a phaser, it's a leslie.

    they took a D.I. out of the console 'n a stereo Leslie, so that's how they got this swirly effect.


    2 b more specific:

    • the acoustic guitar in the intro is a takamine 12-string with a dearmond pickup.
    • they miked the acoustic 'n put that in the center of the mix.
    • then they took the pickup’s output 'n ran it though an echoplex + a leslie.
    • they miked that in stereo so it has this left-->right kind of swirling, ethereal characteristic.
    • it’s blended in with the direct acoustic as well.

    foll the abv points, u can easyly simulate the acoustic part with a jtv+hd500 as well...

  9. yes, it cld b done as described (although outputs shld also b separated, elec-->amp/cab,  acc-->pa/monitors)...


    Is this done by simply adding a splitter cable to my guitar output, run one to the guitar input on the Pod and the other to the Aux. input? Then set up A and B paths that are separate until I mix down to an amp/cab for output?

  10. i understand that it's the 3rd patch that gets more downloads instead of the 1st one, so just 2 clarify:


    • this one must b downloaded first (Don Felder parts and harmonies).
    • the other two patches are based on the above, with the foll differences:
    • 2HC tmodel1 HarmMin is EXACTLY the same, but uses the T-model instead of the Lester (Joe Walsh parts).
    • the 3rd one 2HC Min Pentatonic is only for a very-very-very small lick and uses the T-model and the pentatonic minor scale.


    pls check out the vid, it clearly describes where exactly each patch is used and with which scale-key.

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