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  1. stage sound is ALWAYS(?) (small acoustic venues excluded) different from pa-->audience sound ; 

    stage sound is even different 4 each band member...


    however, nowadays silent-stages offer close approximation via IEM (in ear monitors), provided the console(s) has(ve)  the capability of two separate mixing arrangements (one is the audience mix, the other is stage monitoring);


    if recording is required, then a 3rd mixing arrangement must b available (preferably flat, so post processing-eq'ing will b later applied in the studio)...

  2. ...But seriously, the incorrectly "unread" look is annoying, hopefully they'll fix it soon...


    something changed but not like b4...


    i mean in central page, on multi-item sections (eg Variax Instruments) there is a general "unread" presentation with the "quote" image, but there is no way 2 distinguish which one of the sub-categories (eq jtv-variax+variax standard) contains unread messages.


    so, if i am only following the jtv section and a new msg is posted in the variax section, i have no other way but 2 click the jtv section 'n check that no new msgs have been posted...


    this is considered poor UI design.

  3. ...

    But what I find ironic is that imo if Hendrix were alive today, I don't think he would sound ANYTHING like 'classic Hendrix'


    Heck I think he'd give Adrian Belew a run for his money



    i wld not bet on this, well, i believe he wld simply sound Hendrix-like :)


    imo, his playing was IS really unique and unmatchable..


    besides his playing technique, the conversion of the right hand strat in2 a lefty one resulted in actually obtaining a characteristic sound.


    and i'll explain myself: on a conventional right-hand strat, the bridge pu is angled in a way that the high E+B r producing more highs.


    now, if u reverse the strings, the low E+A perform "mirror-wise" 2 the "righty" high E+B (producing more highs).


    also, staggering is also the 2nd important factor 2gether with the 3rd factor, the total string length (on a reversed-righty-->lefty strat, high E is the shortest string).


    now, what is really UNBELIEVABLE, is that U CAN SIMULATE ALL THESE WITH WORKBENCH (with the ecxeption of string length of course).


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