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  1. Good to know, thanks!

    credit goes 2 dave + arislaf :)



    I did it, noticable change it is slower to read the variax on worjbench... also new workbench avaliable. 





    Arislaf mentioned it made it slower to read from the guitar to WB. Well, I don't know if it's actually slower. When I first hooked up my 69S to WB, it seemed to take a long time, but the second time I opened the WB with the 69S, it zipped like I remember. Then when I changed to the 59, it took a while again, then later sessions with that guitar zipped. I think the program must keep a running buffer of the guitar's patches for the next session. When I hooked the other model up after using WB last with the first one, it would recognize a different JTV and have to read the full data for the "new" guitar from scratch.


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  2. the link pianoguyy posted contains detailed info abt 'hotel california' solo harmonies.


    u must use "B minor harmonic", "A major" and a small lick in  "B minor pentatonic".


    just follow the abv link and download all 3 patches used plus a demo vid with the isolated guitar channel from an actual live performance.

    john :)



    note that with those 3 patches u can play the whole song (downscale licks and intermediate solos) covering 4 guitar parts with just ur one 'n only  single guitar.

    additionally, u need the 12string guitar-part plus the keyboard-part (we implement this via guitar synth) and the muted guitar-part.

    just take a look at this 'complete-song-vid' (recorded with hand held vid camera on nother live show, poor sound, i know) 'n u will understand what i'm talking abt...


  3. If that had JTV guts in it, it would be the ultimate guitar, haha.


    ...The Adrian Belew Signature includes a complete Variax system that is nearly identical to that offered by Line 6 (25 stringed-instrument models, 50 presets, 10 user-definable locations). All of this is accessed via the traditional piezo-volume control and a five-way switch. The guitar can also be used in "magnetic" mode by lifting up the Variax control. This option bypasses the Variax, and offers, via the five-way: bridge humbucker, bridge hum/piezo, piezo, neck humbucker/piezo, and neck humbucker settings....

  4. ...when I'll find the time I'll try do the audio comparison by myself, I still have all my old patches and all the recordings made with them before updating the fw..



    it seems strange that the HD500 sound is "differentiated" thru the 2.62 fw update :unsure:


    looking 4ward 2 this audio comparison, Nico.

  5. good news :)


    pls check/fix also this one:


    After installing firmware 2.61 and loading the full amp packet I noticed that when I am tweaking the amp/cab DEP knobs I can't see their percentages on my POD HD500X Edit software. 




    And the last bug I noticed is that sometimes when I am doing a dual amp setup and save it, every time I try to load it, the second amp has all its knobs on the amp section at 0% for no reason.

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