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  1. After installing firmware 2.61 and loading the full amp packet I noticed that when I am tweaking the amp/cab DEP knobs I can't see their percentages on my POD HD500X Edit software. 


    Also some patches have no sound. When I load them, I get no sound.


    And the last bug I noticed is that sometimes when I am doing a dual amp setup and save it, every time I try to load it, the second amp has all its knobs on the amp section at 0% for no reason.


    do u mean that those patches sounded ok PRIOR the update, but AFTER the update they have no sound?

    ΓιώÏγο, can u pls post those no-sound-patches ?

  2. When trying to replicate a tone, the best thing to do is record a dry signal of the guitar you want. Play all the strings, chords, leads.


    After you do that, run Variax dry as well and mess around in workbench. Swap bodies and pickups, whichever sounds the closest, then move the pickups around. Adjust pot resistance values if you need to fine shape it more.


    It's how I got a tone based on my SG, and a tone based on a Jaguar.


    can u post them SG+jag tones pls?

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  3. possible causes:
    -bad usb cable (tried nother one, check)
    -bad usb port (try nother one)
    -bad os (tried reintalling drivers, antivirus, windows, check)
    -if none of the abv, try nother pc...

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  4. ...The Acoustic amp gets part way there, but is not flat, is too low gain, and does not seem to voiced for acoustic instruments....


    r u playing direct or thru guitar amp cab?


    since "This Amp Model was created in order to allow the Variax’s acoustic models to sound as full-range as possible through the speakers of typical guitar amps", one has 2 follow the manufacturer's "instruction-manual".

    if u use it direct, then obviously u get unexpected results...

  5. they seem 2 work on "hd500-Edit-offline", besides some which show "blank" variax model (eg 16C-StereoDobro, 15C-Acoustic5th, 14C-UnderTheMilky, etc)...

    this symptom is also present on "hd500x-Edit-offline" as well.

  6. Just ran through the new Variax model specific presets that came with 2.6. There are some really useful tones in there. Way better than some of the rediculous presets that originally came with the Pod. I will actually use many if these. Thanks!


    can u zip+post this "new-Variax-model-specific-presets" setlist pls?

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  7. It's sadistic to get us HD500 "non X" Users" , lol, all revved up and ready and then poke a bunch of holes in our sails. Don't ya think??!!


    at least we "nonX"'ers cld try the new "VARIAX" set list...

    can anybody post this new factory-default-setlist pls?

    after all, it wld b a good test on loading a "model-pack-patch" on a "non-model-pack-loaded" device...

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