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  1. but,  if u plug it and its dead silent, this IS THE SOLUTION 2 ur "HUMMMM+BUZZZZZ" problem, isn't it?


    as Charlie_Watt said, "It is much quieter than any mag pickup guitar out there when you use the piezo pickups and the modeling".

    so, if u wanna try one, just order, try, + return/refund  back if u do not like.... :)

  2. ...





    1.  so it has nothing 2 do with L6 hd500x, does it?




    ill take it to the shop where i bought my guitar and i will go through their selection of MOST EXPENSIVE guitars (American Fenders and Gibson Les Pauls) to see if the buzz is present when i put the guitar in my lap...


    if all guitars in the shop behave same than guitar is out of the question... and than i proceed to test the POD HD500X



    2. try also a JTV with the models on.




    took my whole setup (guitar, cable, fx, headphones) to local guitar centre service we tried everything


    - shop's spare HD500X with a spare power supply

    - different guitar cables

    - 2 different guitars - quite expensive models (1500$) with good grounding (Gibson Les Paul and some expensive Gretsch)

    - guitar technician/repair man measured my guitars grounding and its correctly shielded !!!


    = so 3 guitars with correct grounding all generated same buzz and it always dissapeared when i touched anything metalic on guitar or on the HD500X unit...


    between the 3 guitars tested it was a mix of single-coils, humbuckers, noiseless single-coils... everything buzzed the same...


    the technician even remembered another customer who had the same buzz problem with his HD500X


    = so thats total 3 HD500X units that do it (mine, the spare test unit in the shop, this other reported customer's unit)



    3. having carefully + repeatedly read all ur posts, i understand from ur 1st post (#15) that u have already tested 3 hd500x + 3 guitars, havent'u?


    good luck 'n keep us informed abt ur findings.


  3. jandrio>


    1) please check my posts again i never ever used USB port on HD500X... even the simplest rig without any computers or USBs (GUITAR --> GUITAR CABLE --> HD500X --> HEADPHONES) is exhibiting the 20% buzz when i put my guitar in my lap and dissapears when i touch anything metalic on the rig - so USB is out of question in my situation


    2) yes i was going to HD500X setup page / AC Frequency (Knob 3) - i was trying both 50hz and 60hz settings - no effect at all



    ok, just trying 2 eliminate all possible causes, cause u mentioned macbook.

    how abt posting buzz sound samples?

  4. ...

    the ability to never let your show loose momentum due to switching guitars or messing around with stomp boxes.  Our performances seem to be a more bit intense and never lags at all



    absolutely TRUE!




    ... The neatest thing I have come across is after a show or between sets more people "guitarists" come up with a confused look on their faces espeically after I do a set that starts with a les paul sound, to a fender sound, to a hollow body, to an acoustic, to a banjo sound and they are confused on how its done.  Have even been accused of tracking in a stringed part one night while using the banjo sound.....


    yeah, me 2 when playing solo harmonies....

  5. assuming that buzz is present when connected trhu usb 2 hd edit, have u tried nother pc?

    have u tried tweaking "AC Frequency" from the setup menus-utilities options?

    from "POD HD500 Advanced Guide v2.10 - English ( Rev A )"

    • AC Frequency (Knob 3): All HD Amp Models include simulation of AC hum, typical of the AC Vacuum Tube Heater component - an important part of the tonality of a tube amplifier. Set the AC Rate to match that of the USA (60Hz) or UK (50Hz) frequency for authenticity. (This setting may be subtle depending on the current Amp Model settings, and may be more apparent when synchronizing this setting with the AC rate of any tube amplifier that POD HD500 may be plugged into.)

    cls u post a sound sample of this buzz?

    fyi, my 69s when on models is "deadly silent" thru the hd500 (but my 72 strat is not).

  6. Пишу на родном)) ХотелоÑÑŒ бы ÑпроÑить будут ли какие Ð¸Ð·Ð¼ÐµÐ½ÐµÐ½Ð¸Ñ Ð² интерфейÑе программы HD 500X Edit? к Ñожалению в данной верÑии невозможно изменить размер окна Ñамой программы, ну и хотелоÑÑŒ, что бы поÑвилаÑÑŒ команда Undo в режиме Ñ€ÐµÐ´Ð°ÐºÑ‚Ð¸Ñ€Ð¾Ð²Ð°Ð½Ð¸Ñ Ð¿Ñ€ÐµÑÑетов. СпаÑибо)))



    From google translate:

    Write in their mother)) I would like to ask whether any changes in the program interface HD 500X Edit? Unfortunately, in this version you can not resize the program window, well, wanted to appear Undo command in the Edit mode pressetov. Thank U)))

  7. did u engage ground lift (available only on xlr outputs)?


    From POD HD500 Quick Start Guide - English ( Rev D ):


    19. Balanced Output - connect balanced XLR cables here for an ideal
    connection to digital recorders or as direct sends to the house mixer or
    PA when playing live. If you are experiencing hums and buzzes, set the
    XLR switch on top of your POD HD500 to LIFT to eliminate ground
    loops between your equipment

  8. there also is a 3rd option available, as foll (variax control=preset):

     - always save preset with models on; each time u load the preset, model will b activated..

     - if u wanna change from model 2 mags but within the same preset, just press the jtv model selector off.

     - if u wanna return back 2 model always within the same patch, just reload patch by pressing corresponding FS.

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