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  1. i'll seriously consider buying an 1.4K helix unit provided it offers wireless vdi plus storing the JTV model parameters on each helix patch.

    btw, i think u can do vdi-wireless with only two channels:
    normally, when (remotely) changing jtv models from helix/hd500 the guitarist DOES NOT need sound, so the remote-control-data-channel can b encapsulated within one of the two audio channels (models + magnetics) INTERRUPTING THE SOUND WHEN RECEIVING DATA.

    this is a 2/3 cheaper solution, but has the abv limitation.
    of course, I don't know the exact /actual specs, so i'll quite happily be wrong... :)


    I don't want to use EDIT live. I need to use it pre-live. Last minute changes to the set list that needs patches changed. Hotel rooms.Tour buses. 

    And I just don't want to carry a damn computer. 


    how do u power the hd on a tour bus?


    does the bus supply power sockets?

    portable generator?

  3. 1. set input1=variax mags, input2=variax.
    2. set the jtv mag selector switch + the tone knob as required
    3. select the preffered jtv acoustic model from the hd500 (do not select thru jtv knobs, cause you 'll change the abv mags settings).
    4. use the acoustic amp on path b (fed by variax acoustic model)
    5. use the orange amp on path a (fed by variax mags=electric)

    check out this demo patch

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  4. Click the 3rd button from the top left of the reply box, Special BB Code, select media from the dropdown, paste the youtube url.


    Or just surround the youtube url with media tags.

    or just paste IN THE REPLY BOX AS PLAIN TEXT the youtube url, BUT NOT in short format ...//


    use ....// instead






    ...:// WORKS (https purposely omitted, starting time not supported)

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