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  1. ...a mistake we often make is not thinking at frequency that generates a whole band, and indeed that we should let our sound in a way that when we play with drums or bass it sounds good....


    u r absolutely right!

  2. ... I'd bet money that you'd notice a difference even with 10's...


    u r absolutely right, there IS a difference with 10's.

    but with 9's things r somewhat different...


    what I'm actually saying is that since technology offers the ability 4 perfect tuning on each song, why not just take advantage of it?


    one parameter however that shld be seriously taken in2 consideration is the weight, as per Melissiah's post abv.


    as far as floyds r concerned, the auto tune system is NOT compatible.



    just curious, can the Wall solo cld be played with 10's or 11's?

  3. ...A quality guitar with strings that are heavier than cobwebs, which have been changed at least once or twice since the Clinton administration will get you through the night without tuning stability issues....


    ok,cruisinon2  may b u r right...

    but when u r requested 2 play a 3 hours classic rock lead guitar program with heavy bending, u ABSOLUTELY need frequent retuning even with sperzel locking tuners, if of course ur ear is detonation sensitive...

    btw, strings (gauge 9's) are changed just after each gig...


    so after abt 40+ years of live playing with my 1972 Strat, I always needed retuning intervals between songs...

  4. It is absolutely necessary in  a live situation, not 4 alternative tunings, but 4 physically keeping ur  guitar in perfect (standard) tune b4 each song.


    u don't need 2 use mechanical auto tune 4 anything else that standard tuning.

    the ability to mechanically retune your guitar b4 every song in a live situation is really a go 4 it.

    Drop tunings will be handled by HD500/JTV presets (JTV model, tuning and tone knob settings).


    further dtls here...

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  5. using the vocoder requires both inputs 2 be guitar/aux, NOT MIC.

    vocoder autmatically "reads" mic input and uses mic signal accordingly (as a trigger).


    here r the dtls from silverhead's post  in a similar thread


    Using The Vocoder On My Hd-500


    Try removing the Input2=MIC setting. I am going from memory here and from a different device, so this could be wrong but....

    I recall using the Vocoder long ago with my Pod X3 Live. The association of the Mic to the Vocoder FX was automatic; no input assignment was required because the Vocoder is designed to use the mic input by default. I believe that by assigning Input2=MIC you are forcing the MIC input through the full signal chain, when all you want is to have the mic input used by the Vocoder FX. I think this may happen automatically.

    EDIT: Here's an old post I dug up to illustrate. The implementation may have changed in the Pod HD vs. X3, but here's how it worked in the X3:
    Re: How does the Vocoder work?
    by silverhead on 2010-03-03 06:27:27

    Use Guitar as your Input setting for the Tone. When you select and turn on the Vocoder as an effect for the Tone the X3 will automatically start to use the Mic Input as a trigger for the guitar. Your guitar will no longer sound (even thought it remains the selected input for the Tone) until the X3 detects a signal at the Mic input.

  6. ..Only thing is recording and live are very different!..

    not really, cause in both cases u have to match ur guitar sound/eq with the mix/band...

    if the live sound guy is an ...actual sound guy, then he should eq the whole band in a manner similar 2 recording, so that the live band mix is heard like the real song recording...

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  7. 1. get a good sounding HD backing track of the song u wanna cover (without guitar)

    2. record it on audicity or other daw s/w.

    3. record the original song sound track also.

    4 .play 'n record ur guitar over 'n above this backing track.

    5. compare original sound track vs ur recording

    6. tweak @ taste  'n goto 2 step 4, until u r satisfied.

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