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  1. input 1=variax mags



    path a=HD500x pre, last FX Loop with 0 return

    path b=acoustic


    mixer hard pan 100%L + 100%R

    select acoustic model on variax.


    connect FX send TRS STEREO out to Mesa Boogie 395 stereo valve power amp

    connect right  1/4" (or XLR) out to PA



    u cld also send a STEREO signal 2 PA, just put at leat one stereo FX block AFTER the mixer (note that mixer R is now centered and L is muted).


    other possible layouts exist, pls try attached  'n adv if ok...



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  2. on Win7/64 bit  there might be a situation where u wld have to disable driver signature enforcement on every reboot in order for the Line 6 drivers to work...


    check this atricle on how to do this.


    the shortcut is 2 'hibernate' or 'sleep' yr computer 2 avoid needing 2 go through this hassle...

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    Hi i am trying to use my PodXT live after not useing it for a while and after buying a new computer. I have downloaded Edit, Monkey the drivers and Java , but when i try to open Customtone to get some tones i get the message ' Java TM Platform SE Binary has stopped working '. I have unistalled and reinstalled everything twice but still getting the same message. Can anybody help please. 


    even with bright new machines, bro murphy’s law still proves itself...

  4. But then I wouldn't be able to switch between 100% magnetic bridge which would have to be position 1 to a blend of magnetic bridge and modeled pickup which also would have to be position 1. See what I mean? Anyway, don't worry about it too much. As I said, I'll live with out it.


    if u want 100% magnetic bridge, just turn off modelling (push the model selector knob)...

    then, if u want blend of magnetic bridge and modeled pickup which also would have to be position 1, turn modelling on (push again model selector knob)...

    does this sound ok 4 u?

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  5. ...unless I move my guitar's pickups within inches of the various electronics in my studio...

    Watch out for fluorescent lights and dimmer switches as they can add lots of 60hz noise.

    Also PSUs usually found in studio environments may "load" the sound with hum/noise.


    Check out this one:

    DIY fix - guitar repair - Fixing excessive hum - fixing bad grounds


    Search 4 "guitar hum". I am sure u will find useful info out there.

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  6. ...I made sure my Win 7 desktop PC was hard wired to my router to avoid any possible wifi dropouts...

    i believe that monkey first downloads the fw file in a temp directory (folder) and it then updates the L6 device from this file, so updating directly thru the button is as safe as updating from file... it is more important 2 ensure continuous power supply during the "fw writing 2 device" phase of the update  process...but again, who knows, maybe I'm wrong...

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  7. blend of Mag Bridge and Lester Bridge

    if u have a HD500, follow these steps:

    1. set JTV selector switch 2 pos 1 (so u have mags bridge).

    2. prepare a patch with lester bridge model with input 1=variax + input2=variax mags

    3. load this patch (it is important to load the patch AFTER positioning the JTV selector switch)

    now u have lester bridge AND mags bridge.


    with this method u can actual mix ANY mags valid combination with ANY model


    example 1: mags bridge+middle (pos 2) with lester neck+middle (!)

    example 2: mags bridge+middle (pos 2) with reso3 neck+brigde


    the combis are really uncountable..

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  8. from workbench hd manual  (page 10):



    Magnetics Blend
    Use the Magnetics Blend control to blend in the magnetic pickups on your JTV guitar with your model.
    Volume 0.0 dB Magnetics Blend Model


    Our magnetic pickups are hardwired to the 5-way/3-way switch in your Variax, so whatever pickups you have
    selected on your guitar will get blended in here
    . You could select an Acoustic 12 String model, for example,
    and mix in your magnetic pickups for a rich electric/acoustic blend.


    Note: The magnetic pickups on your Variax are not alt tuned by the Variax DSP, so best results can be
    obtained by blending your magnetics with standard or harmonically compatible tunings only

  9. I have 2 JTV batteries 4 my 69s, but since I also own a HD500, I have never used them.


    However, at the lives, I always carry one charged battery (4-2 leds on) with me as a “disaster plan†4 power-feeding the JTV in case the HD500 breaks down.  After a period of time the battery loses its 4 leds and self discharges 2 1 led. I then fully charge the other one and so on…


    So my question is:  what is the best approach 2 follow in order 2 maximize the batteries life:


    1.1.Must I follow a cyclic charge-discharge schedule?  Does this approach wear down the batteries?  


    1.2. What is the max allowable charge-discharge limit?


    Or should I forget the “disaster plan†and:


    2.1. Just store them discharged?


    2.2. Just store them fully charged?

  10. One major critical factor that nobody pays any attention at all is the computer’s operating system (OS).  Remember that all L6 s/w operates on top of the OS.  If the OS is not working flawlessly and virus-free (and believe it or not,  a certain OS in many cases it is not), then nothing performs as expected. So, as a rule of thumb, always perform a FW update after a FRESH REBOOT, with no other "..daemons" running on ur PC.

  11. Unfortunately there is more than enough going on in there to allow for either possibility but there is absolutely no official guidance on the truth...  time for an Expert or Specialist to step in...



    c abstract from workbench hd manual  (page 10) on foll:



    The correct answer is that whatever pickups u have selected via the selector switch, those ones will b blended.

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