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  1. ..the crackling to ME sounds like the speaker in the monitor (not the fake amp monitor, but the monitors for vocal use) can't handle the 500x...


    since u monitor ur guitar thru (fake)  amp monitor , I do not c any reason for monitoring the HD500 thru the monitors 4 vocal use.

  2. ..The only issue is, I got a weird, crackling sound through the speaker I was using for the main 500x sound (a large stage monitor that also doubles as a main for practice). Dunno what is causing that.


    This has nothing 2 do with ur gear, it's the sound guy's problem (probably bad cables, di boxes, power quality, etc).

    I suppose by "effects return" u mean the amp's effects return.

    Otherwise, if u use the HD500's effects return, u consume unnecessarily one FX slot.

  3. ...I run the 1/4 out of the HD500 to my amp’s effects loop return, thus using the amp only as stage monitor....


    just 2 clarify, I ain't using the HD500 fx send, I run the HD500 1/4 out (L/mono) to my AMP's EFFECT RETURN jack.


    @smrybacki: what u propose is EXACTLY what I implement, so I do not c any holes.  I can assure u it is working.




    bear in mind that if u use BOTH 1/4 outs, then each  Power Engine monitor (amp) will receive one part of ur stereo signal

  4. yes, "stereo" remains always a "..dispute" point with the sound guy. But bear in mind that "stereo" here means all those small tricks 'n tips which make the sound of ONE mono guitar real H-U-G-E (eg 20 ms delay on one channel, twin amp/cab patch, stereo mod effects, variax mags ‘n model separation, etc). After all, the small portion of the audience who are not in the "...ideal" position", will still hear ONE channel with the mono guitar. So I believe is much better to “feed†the 80% of ur listeners with stereo huge sound and leave the rest with mono sound. Of course, it all depends on the place, the genre, the band and above all, the guitar player!

  5. Using true stereo really makes BIG diff. Use both XLRs and ask sound guy to pan 100% L+R each channel. Set HD500 2 "Studio direct" output mode.  And,  yes, u can use the 1/4 out connected 2 an amp FX loop return jack.

    In my case, I connect the JTV via VDI to the HD500 and I am using only the XLR’s out to the PA for ALL sounds (acoustic + electric) with “Studio direct†output mode.  I run the 1/4 out of the HD500 to my amp’s effects loop return, thus using the amp only as stage monitor.  The only drawback in this arrangement is that the stage sound that comes out from the amp is not 100% perfect, but the advantages are many:

    1) The audience receives pure HD stereo studio sound through the PA, both acoustic AND electring sounds are amazing.

    2) Each song in the play list has one or more presets, including JTV settings (model selection, variax mags input, tone, volume settings and tunings).

    3) I can use both variax+variax mags simultaneously (very convenient for Stairway to heaven, Have you ever seen the rain and many other songs).  In other words, it is possible to use one channel for electric guitar (variax mags) and the other for acoustic (variax).  In some cases the combination of 2 electric guitars (eq JTV69S mags+VARIAX LESTER for Hotel California harmony solo part) is also possible.

    4) All presets are level (volume) balanced with each other (a very time consuming process), so the “next song guys 1-2-3-4†interval is only a “click†away.

    5) The JTV69S+HD500 rig can be fully operational at any PA equipped venue (I mean that the amp is not critical if the sound guy can provide me with a stage monitor).

    6) The stage setup time is minimal (unpack, connect VDI, connect XLR’s, connect power supply, eq the two PA guitar channels, done!).


    7) The amp acts as n "emergency backup unit" in case the HD500 breaks down.

    I came to the above setup after experimenting with various tube amps as the main sound source (micked to PA), but although the electric guitar sounds were really good, I was never able to achieve a good acoustic sound thru the JTV.

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  6. Try one of foll:


    a. Insert an FX loop in ur chain (place it at the end of the chain if u want a plain clean boost, or in front of an amp or dist pedal to drive them harder if u want more gain). Use short jumper cable 2 connect the FX loop out to the FX loop in. Set the FX loop return at taste (eg +4dB). Assign the FX loop to a switch as (clean) boost 4 solos. . If stereo is a must, use appropriate jumper.


    b. Use a Studio eq in ur chain (c abv regarding placing). Set gain at taste (eg +4db).


    c. Assign EXP-1/2 to amp CH VOL (min = rythm, max=solo).

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  7. ...The mags blending on the JTV is not an option, cause the 2 signals must be differently processed on the HD500....



    I am referring 2 the mags blend feature of the Workbench HD (c attached pic - page 10 of the manual, plus screenshot of the workbench hd).


    Thru this feature, the 1/4" jack CAN carry both signals mixed, but there is no other way besides the VDI CONNECTION WHICH USES THOSE TWO SIGNALS INDEPENDENTLY.


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  8. Also you may want to tweak an HD Patch and JTV together under 2 absolutely different paths:


    path A=variax model tweaked thru Workbench HD (eg Fender 12 strings electric) AND

    path B=variax mags (eg Stairway to heaven live patch).


    The mags blending on the JTV is not an option, cause the 2 signals must be differently processed on the HD500.


    As far as I know, there is NO CURRENT WORKAROUND 4 this case, because u CANNOT HAVE BOTH SIGNALS USING THE  1/4" JACK.


    So, one has to follow these actions (pls correct me if I'm wrong):

    1. vdi-connect Workbench HD and tweak model.

    2. upload (save) model to JTV (optional, if u use battery power and 1/4 dummy jack plugged in).

    3. vdi-disonnect Workbench HD.

    4. vdi-connect HD500 and tweak patch.

    5. vdi-dicconnect HD500 (do not power off HD500).

    6. go to step 1, unless patch sounds acceptable.

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