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  1. Since the HD500 doesn't have a simply clean boost on it without taking an extra slot with an EQ and tweaking that or doing things with the effects loop,


    Why don't u use the exp-1/2 to control the amp(s) channel volume(s)?

    Set min @say 70% and max @100%, so whenever u need the xtra boost, just hit the toe pos, otherwise use the heel pos.


    No slot "consumed", only prerequisite u do not use the exp-1/2 as wah.

  2. If u use only one XLR, u must place a noise gate as the last FX in the chain in order to sum up to mono, otherwise u will lose one part of the signal.
    Set the noise gate @100/0 (leaves the tone "untouched").


    4 further reading check out this one:





    Alternatively, try using HD500 left XLR to line input AND HD500 right XLR to  to mic input, as GTLazer suggested. In this case u get full signal L+R, so u do not need the abv stated noise gate.

  3. Also make sure NOT to turn ur volume level at 0, cause it forces the JTV in2 sleep mode...


    Abstract from Variax Reflash and Software Update Instructions



    On a James Tyler Variax guitar, ensure that the Volume knob on the guitar is NOT set to the '0' position as it will put the guitar into Power Save Mode. Make sure that the Volume knob is set higher than 0 when updating or editing the JTV guitar.

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  4. If u want to change model-PUs during playing, u cld implement it via defferent presets on the HD500.


    As far as the LOCK setting is concerned, u cld use it in a situation where both signals (ie Variax AND Variax mags) are fed in2 the HD500. In this case the switch+tone effects only the mag sound and not the model sound.


    Abstract from "POD HD500 Edit Pilot's Guide v2.0 - English ( Rev A )" page 4-2:



    *Note: For the Magnetic output mode of the JTV guitar, only the Volume knob Lock functionally “locks
    out†the local volume control. The Tone knob and Pickup selector switch will always function locally for the
    Magnetic output, regardless of these Local Control - “locked†settings

  5. I believe it's the CTRL key not the ALT key for copying...


    Abstract from the "POD HD500 Edit Pilot's Guide v2.0 - English ( Rev A )" page 6-3:



    • Copy & Paste a Preset to a new Channel location: Click on a Preset to select it. Then hold
    your Option key (on Mac®) or Ctrl key (on Windows®) and click and drag the Preset to the
    new desired Channel location. This replaces the Preset in the destination location. (Note that it
    is not necessary to hold any modifier key when dragging a Preset between two different Set List
    Panels to copy into the new location.)

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  6. Yes u can.

    However output mode must be either "direct" or "combo/power amp". On the HD500 u cannot have different settings per output jack (1/4 - xlr's).


    Proposed configuration with JTV+HD500 as follows:


    Connect the JTV via VDI to the HD500 and use only the XLR’s out to the PA for ALL sounds (acoustic + electric) with “Studio direct†output mode.


    Run the 1/4 out of the HD500 to  amp’s effects loop return, thus using the amp only as stage monitor.


    In case u don't have a JTV, just connect thru the 1/4 guitar input.

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