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  1. Just place a mono FX (eg noise gate 100/0) before the FX loop block.


    According to documentation, the FX send jack provides a stereo (when using a TRS cable). 


    So, if u do not wanna use the mono FX solution, check by trial 'n error.

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  2. JTV + HD500 is a go !


    I am now using a JTV69s+HD500 directly XLR'ed to PA, no amp.


    Before I used a Fender Prosonic Custom Shop with a 1972 Strat (with 3 position selector switch), really cool 'n original pure vintage stuff.


    You can "taste" the flavor of this gear in the attached video at about 04:00


    However, since i bought the JTV69s and the HD500, the 72 strat+fender prosonic custom shop tube amp+many other tube amps+analogue equipment are now decommissioned.



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