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  1. ...I just can't take those computer style digital glitches that happen when you least expect it.

    My motto has become give a computer the chance and it will F!@ you every time.


    Murphy's law or the ...fourth law of thermodynamics" (actually there were only three last I heard) states: "If anything can go wrong, it will".


    +1 to tim1953

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  2. Check out this one.



    As far as the a 21 fret neck is concerned, ...I've got a feeling that "mathematically" speaking it won't fit. It means that u are changing scale length, so the whole "resonance" of the instrument will be different. But I am not a luthier, so may be I am wrong.


    For the HSS 2 SSS conversion check out this one:


    JTV Pickup Wiring Diagrams

  3. Hurghanico is absolutely right stating that u have 2 run HD-BEAN in2 HD500's effect loop.


    c attached pic and demo patches.


    Place the looper last in combo-chain (HD-BEAN) if u want it 2 play processed signal, or first in the combo-chain (HD500)  if u want it 2 play unprocessed raw guitar input.





    1) Of course there r several other ways 2 implement the HD500+BEAN combo, treat those patches as a starting point only.

    2) Cabling: connect HD500 FX send 2 HD-BEAN's guitar input.

        Connect HD-BEAN's usb or 1/4" unbalanced outputs (L+R) to recording device.

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  4. I am using a JTV69s+HD500 directly XLR'ed to PA, no amp.
    Before I used a Fender Prosonic Custom Shop, 4CM'ed to the HD500 with a 1972 Strat (c attached foto).
    However, since i bought the JTV69s, the 72 strat+fender prosonic custom shop tube amp+many other tube amps+analogue equipment are now decommissioned.

  5. Just save a "blank" patch over the unwanted ones.


    Quoting from


     There is no 'delete' function. You delete a patch by overwriting/replacing it with a different patch. The easiest way to do this is to use the editor and drag/drop an 'empty' patch to the location you want to delete. You can create an empty patch, or use the New Tone preset that comes with the User setlists in the factory presets.

  6. I think pitch effects of the HD are not polyphonic, which means that they apply pitch shifting or smart harmony to only one note at a time.

    So, if you try to strum a chord and apply these effects, sometimes the result may not be "musically acceptable".

    Therefore, the solution would either be a JTV, or physically retuning your guitar to play CGCFAD.

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