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  1. My point is that using the  VDI Ethercon connection sounds a bit "sterile" to my ears - I find the JTV-59 +HD500 combo sounds better (to my ears) with better dynamic range and better tone using the 1/4" Normal Guitar cable.


    Using the VDI, u get only one A/D convertion, taking place at the JTV piezo section.

    After that point, the signal all the way to the HD output remains digital.


    Using the 1/4" NGC (normal guitar cable), you add two more conversions:

    1) In the JTV output jack (D/A)

    2) In the HD input jack (A/D)


    This explains the (slight) sound diff, but is surely imposes further signal deterioration.

    May be this is the reason  u (think? u) hear better dynamic range and better tone, :)


    Check out this one (diagram @14:07):


  2. Connect your headphones directly 2 ur HD500.


    If this humming/ buzzing noise dissapears, it seems like u are in2 a ground loop issue. Google 4 "laptop ground loop" and fix accordingly (see attached search sample screenshot).

    If this noise is still present, it seems like ur HD500 need servicing. Open a support ticket.

    There is also the possibility of low quality power supply. Check accordingly.
    Also the pls recheck the above attachment. It is irrelevant that u use headphones. The ground loop (if any) is still there.


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