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  1. I would rather add a mono effect to convert to mono and use the XLR connection than use the 1/4 inch which will be mono.  XLR is a much lower noise connection because it's balanced.  You set up your patches to convert the output to mono.  My EV ZLX-12P has two XLR inputs so I just use two cables from the L and R.  Doesn't look like the Yamaha gives you that option.


    +1 to Charlie...


    Check also this post...

  2. Not to be contradictory, but I gave this approach a shot and found the exact opposite to be true.   I added a noise gate to the end of the line on several of the presets in the pre-loaded set lists and experienced dramatic changes in the tone.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.   :unsure:


    Decay 100%, Threshold 0%, as per  dbagchee's post.

    The Studio EQ is NOT a mono FX, it is a "True Stereo".


  3. That might be it. Is there a simple way to split the output signal? I'm looking for two stereo outs, one to the mixer, one to my soundcard for recording. Currently I'm using the phones output. Would Y cables work better? I must confess to not understanding input and output impedance as much as I should.


    There are articles out there recommending not to use y-cables, claiming that "a wye-connector used to mix two signals into one is being abused and may even damage the equipment involved".


    Check out this one:



    op download the pdf:


    Why don't u feed your soundcard through the mixer?

  4. Use only the left 1/4 output.  It sums the signal to mono.

    Do not use only one XLR, cause you'll get only one side of the signal.

    If you want to use only one XLR, place a noise gate as the last FX on your chain to sum up to mono.

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