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  1. Instead of using y-splitter cable, consider placing a noise gate as your last FX to sum up to mono.
    Then you could send only one XLR to PA.

    There are articles out there recommending not to use y-cables, claiming that "a wye-connector used to mix two signals into one is being abused and may even damage the equipment involved".

    Check out this one:

    op download the pdf:

  2. I do not own a DT amp.


    I play stereo (direct XLRs) to PA and I use a Crate BV60 tube amp as stage monitor. All units (ie HD500+JTV+Crate tube amp) are powered throught the UPS.


    Before buying the JTV, I used a Fender Prosonic Custom Shop, 4CM'ed to the HD500 with a 1972 Strat.  With this configuration too, the Fender tube amp and the HD500 were powered via UPS.


    Tube amps are very sensitive to power ubnormalities (fuses blown away, tube bases burn-out, capacitors damaged,etc). So, regardless if your problem is power quality or not, I should recommend to protect your investment via UPS or similar device.


    May be you should have your DT amp checked by an (Line6?) amp-tech?


  3. The demo patch is designed as per your specs, ie LEFT to your amp, RIGHT into PA.


    If you use any stereo effect(s) at either path, then in order to sum up THIS PARTICULAR PATH to mono, you should place a noise gate at the last FX position to THIS PARTICULAR PATH (check out attached file).

    However, may I suggest you also check out this one as well?

    Also this one will help you understanding the basic routing.


  4. Try this:
    1. Plug a dummy 1/4" jack into the right 1/4" POD HD500X's "Unbalanced Output" (this enforces channel separation-left right) to apply on both the "Unbalanced Outputs".
    2. Send the upper (left) signal from the left 1/4" POD HD500X's "Unbalanced Output" to your amp's "effect loop receive jack".
    3. Send the right "XLR output" to PA.

    On the attached demo patch, notice the following:
    1. In order to be able to turn on/off the tone heading out the XLRs, you can assign the "amp B" CH-VOL level to "exp-1/2" (alternatively use an FX block with zero gain/output setting-eg Studo eq- and assign it to a foot switch, or set "amp B" BYP VOL to zero and assign AMP B to a foot switch-eg FS4).
    2. The upper (left) channel is your amp, via 4CM.
    3. The lower (right) channel is your modelled amp.
    4. Be careful to balance both channel levels (preferably thru mixer levels).
    5. Place the FX blocks at taste, taking care NOT TO BREAK THE PATH ABSOLUTE SEPARATION.
    6. Preferably set output mode to "Studio Direct" (to take care for optimum PA sound) and calibrate your amp's sound (Egnater on the upper channel) accordingly (of course you could do this vice versa, but you will loose cab/mic simulation on lower channel).


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