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  1. Simple answer to a simple question.


    You can verify this through "POD HD500 Edit" software.

    Insert first an FX loop anywhere in the chain and the try to insert a second one .

    You will notify that the "FX-Loop" selection in the combo box is disabled.


  2. Try these:

    Quoting from the above:
    > To the left of the control room, Ed King played the song’s signature guitar lick on a late ’60s Fender Strat that went through a Fender Twin amp, also miked with a U87.
    “Because the rhythm part was not exceptionally loud, I padded the microphone down and put it close to the cabinet,†Mills remarks. “That was it – just one mic.â€

    > Mills: “King’s first attempt at the long solo was the one that you hear on the record. The band members were in the control room when he did that, and at the end they pretty much fell on the floor – they were just knocked out. However, [producer] Al Kooper thought there was something wrong with it. He wanted Ed to do another solo, so that’s what Ed did and I guess it was put on another track, but to the best of my knowledge the solo that was used was the very first one that he did. That’s what Ed remembers and that’s what I remember.â€

    > In interviews, King has also stated that, since his Strat had bad pickups, he was forced to crank up the volume on his amp [for the solo]. “His Fender Twin was on the left-hand side of the control room,†Mills confirms, “and he had to turn it almost wide open to get any sustain.†[That's loud!]

    > Allen Collins and Gary Rossington each overdubbed rhythm guitars going through Marshall amps. [Aha!]

    No effects man




    Check this one also from CUSTOM TONES:  (5star+JTV+HD500)

  3. One "exotic" application of the exp pedal is to use it for controlling the key and scale params of the smart harmony effect. For example, the "Hotel California" harmony parts change from B-Harmonic-Minor to A-Major and back again. Another similar examples : "We are an American band" harmony solo (changing from D-MAjor to C-Major), "Highwaystar",etc. You can implement these cool features by assigning the smart harmony params to the max and min values of the exp pedal.

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  4. Try something like the attached demo patch.

    The "smart harmony" is located on path A, is controlled by FS2, and has VARIABLE KEY+SCALE params, controlled by the EXP-2 pedal.

    So, the max position gives you B-Harmonic-Minor, whereas min position changes to A-Major (Hotel California style).

    Also, the mixer is slightly panned 22% L & R, you could change to 100% L & R for the dual amps.



    This is NOT a Thin Lizzy patch.


  5. Save the blank "User 1" setlist on your hard disk ("Save Setlist As.." option from the pull-down menu of HD500x Edit).
    Then, load this blank setlist to each one of the 5 preset setlist ("Open Setlist" option).
    Use similar approach for your own setlists.

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