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  1. You don't get my point either.


    Instead of loosing all the powerful advantages of the JTV+HD500 bundle, I prefer to play the SMOKE final run 1-tone bended note without switching from position 5 to 1.


    After all what it matters is the final sound you deliver to your audience. Besides , if needed, I could use other HD500 "workarounds" to obtain this specific sound change.


    Simplicity is power my friend.

  2. The workaround suggestion using the POD HD500 to switch the pickups positions (I guess with a specific preset, if I have understood it correctly) will cause similar latency problems:




    I extensively use the HD500 presets to do ALL my tone building, including Variax model, tone knob setting and alt tuning and I never had any latency "problems" at all.


    The technique I use is simple and straightforward:




    Voila! No latency.


    Some typical Examples:

    -from SMOKE INTRO/RYTHM change to SMOKE SOLO (spank 1->spank 5).

    -from AQUALUNG RIFF change to AQUALUNG ACOUSTIC then change to AQUALUNG SOLO and back to AQUALUNG RIFF (completely different banks and positions).

    -from HIGHWAYSTAR INTRO/RYTHM change to HIGHWAYSTAR SOLO incl harmony parts (spank 1->spank 5).

    -from WALL RYTHM (spank 3) change to WALL SOLO (lester 5).

    -from HOTEL CALIFORNIA SOLO PART 1 (lester 1) change to HOTEL CALIFORNIA SOLO PART 2 (t-model 1) and then change to VARIAX MAGS+LESTER 1 for the harmony parts.

    etc etc etc


    With this approach, switching from position 5 to position 1 occurs immediately.


    I beleive there is no other way to implement all these "complexities (and workarounds)" in a demanding live situation without the combination of HD500+JTV.  This is the reason I have chosen to use the JTV69s VDI connected to the HD500 and then XLR'ed to PA as the best and most powerful workaround ever, while my previous analogue gear (vintage 72 strat+fender prosonic custom shop tube amp+many other tube amps+analogue equipment) are now decommissioned.

  3. Just received following e-mail:


    Re: Line6 JTV69s compatibility Günther Klahr []  Sent: Monday, November 25, 2013 4:56 PM To:
    Hello John

    We do not support this model at the moment.
    Maybe on of the "C" type (C1, C2 etc.) systems will work.
    To check this out please download a template and compare.
    Set your printer to full scale (100%)
    For more information visit our website from time to time.

    Thank You

    Best regards

    Guenther Klahr


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  4. I was wrong about Pros up above, but the Bean's 1/4" outs are definitely balanced. That part of the manual above is incorrect. I know that for a fact.


    Copying from :



    ..Balanced connections use three-conductor connectors, usually the XLR or TRS phone connector. XLR connectors, for instance, are usually used with microphones because of their durable construction, while TRS jack plugs are usually used for mixer inputs and outputs because of their smaller profile...



    I assume the bean's 1/4" are three-conductor jacks?

  5. On the Bean? They're balanced.


    On all the floor models, they're unbalanced.


    On the HD Pro (and Pro X), they're balanced as well.


    From the POD HD Pilot’s Handbook Revision E page 7, I copy:



    18. Unbalanced Output - Connect 1/4" cables here to send your sound to

    a guitar amplifier, recorder, mixer or PA system.



    Same applies for the pro (see attached images)


    So, I assume on all the modesl the 1/4" are unbalanced.


  6. clay-man,

    I don't intend to use mechanical auto tune for anything else that standard tuning.

    I believe the ability to mechanically retune your guitar before every song in a live situation is really nice.

    Drop tunings will be handled by my HD500, where I have presets for each song including JTV model, tuning and tone knob settings.


    I understand from the vids+fotos, that this system is actually fitted on the neck top in 10 minutes, no need to mess with the Variax guts.



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  7. I have a perfectly decent JTV 69s, but I would still like to take advantage of mechanical automatic tuning.


    I have read that Chris Adams of Tronical, the man behind Gibson's automatic tuning technology, has released an install-it-yourself flavor called TronicalTune that can be fitted to Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Yamaha and Ibanez electrics, as well as Taylor acoustics.


    I wonder if this could be fitted on the 69s as well.



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