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  1. tks nico, the post is actually an EXACT answer rather than a general purpose discussion...

    now abt the patch dtls+settings, of course u r right, i just compiled it on-the-fly as a general how-to-framework-example....



    not sure abt the mix param, i think the send param controlls the signal fed 2 the stereo SEND output, must check with the pod....


    2nd correction:

    nico u r right, mix parameter needs 2 b at 100%

    quoting from POD HD500 Advanced Guide v2.0, page 5-4:



    Blends the FX Loop signal that with the POD HD tone signal. When set to  100%, the full POD HD500 signal is fed to the  SEND . When set to 0%, your input  signal bypasses the FX Loop completely, so that you’ll hear only your POD HD  processed signal.

    Be sure to set the Mix to less than 100%, or toggle the FX Loop  Block “Off,†if you do not have a complete connection between the device’s  SEND &  RETURN jacks, or you’ll hear only silence from the output of POD HD50

  2. yes, u can do FOUR OUTPUTS as foll (study+tweak attached demo patch setting Inputs 1/2 accordingly):

    1.split the signal (path A+path B ). the FX LOOP on path B.

    3.feed the two amps from the FX SEND 1/4 stereo (TRS) jack (this is the dry signal). all other FX blocks + amp block as required.

    5.feed the pa via the two XLR outputs (this is the stereo signal with full amp/cab simulation, set Output mode=Studio/Direct).

    6.enjoy :)



    Note that i f u place the FX LOOP first on the signal chain, u can even have FOUR OUTPUTS with TWO AMP sims (dual amp/cab) feeding the pa...


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  3. Hey so I reworked basically all of my patches to make them way beefier and more natural sounding.  Here's a few I wanted to share.  Please let me know what you think:



    These are currently only available for HD500.  I think you can just change the extension and they'll work for the 500x.


    I didn't buy the metal pack, but if you find a patch you like, I'd try to copy it in Edit, then reapply similar cab/mic settings when you change amps - I'm thinking the 5150 would sound pretty rad for many of these.


    @DeanDinosaur, I haven't forgotten ab the Kemper challenge, but I have more productive things to work on for a bit longer.  We WILL eventually do it, and we'll get the Helix involved too!


    bobbo it's nice 2 hear from u.

    a helix-vs-hd500-vs-kemper comparison wld be interesting.

    in the mean time i have bundled ur patches in the attached setlist




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