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  1. Links btween "POD HD500X/HD500 Pedal Calibration" <--> "After POD HD500X/500 Flash/Re-Flash/Update: MANDATORY Global Settings Reset!" not working.



    ***Please Note: Re-calibration of the POD HD500's expression pedal is necessary after performing a Global Settings reset. Instructions for how to perform a Global Settings reset is available here.

    broken link:


    ***PLEASE NOTE: Please also make sure to re-calibrate the onboard expression pedal of the HD500 after performing the Global Settings reset.

    Instructions: How to calibrate the POD HD500 Expression Pedal.

    broken link:

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  2. Officially documented on "Page 4, Setup: Output Options" of the POD HD500 Advanced Guide v2.10


    • Studio/Direct: Typically the best option when connecting “Direct†to a mixing console or recording device. This signal includes “Studio†  Cab Models, Mic Model and an “AIR†convolution to best emulate a mic’ed amp within a room.

    • Combo and Stack settings: Optimizes your tone for connecting to an external amplifier. The signal includes “Live†Cab Models,with no Mic Model or “AIR†convolution, with a special EQ curve added for each.


    • Combo Front & Stack Front: For connecting into the front input of a typical combo amp or amp head + external cab, respectively.

    When choosing either of these Modes, you’ll see the following additional options for further tone shaping:
    • Lows (Knob 2): Attenuates the low frequencies.
    • Focus (Knob 3): Increases the overall midrange.
    • Highs (Knob 4): Attenuates the high frequencies


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  3. 1. assign both AMPs A+B on a single FS

    2. set AMP A=ON , AMP B=OFF

    3. set BYP VOL=0 an both AMPs

    4. set mixer PAN : path A =100%L, path B=100%R

    5. make sure 2 achieve complete separation btween paths A / B.

    6. mixer must b the last thing in the chain (exceptions exist, will further explain if requested)


    by pressing the assigned FS u r actually toggling btween PATH A / B.


    alternatively, u can fade in-out each path by reversely assigning AMPs A+B CH VOL @EXP 1/2, so that:

    -when EXP 1/2 is @MIN position,  AMP A CH VOL=0,      AMP B CH VOL=MAX (only AMP B is heard)

    -when EXP 1/2 is @MAX position, AMP A CH VOL=MAX, AMP B CH VOL=0      (only AMP A is heard)

    -when EPX 1/2 is @INTERMEDIATE position, u get a proportionally mixed signal from BOTH AMPs.

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  4. try pushing the "Guitar Model Selector" switch.


    From James Tyler Variax Pilot's Guide - English ( Rev E ) (page 4)



    Guitar Model Selector -

    Push in this knob (LED is lit) to access any of the 10 Variax guitar model banks or one of two user definable  custom model banks. When in Variax mode the  Guitar Model Selector LED will illuminate the active guitar model bank. There  are actually 5 models per bank, as defined by the  Selector Switch position. Press this knob again (LED is not lit) to use the magnetic  pickups.


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