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    Line6 DC 3-G, power supply for POD HD series, input = 100-240V AC, 1.0A 50-60 Hz, output = 9V DC, 3A (27W max)




  2. PA/STUDIO CONSOLE pan differs completely from POD-MIXER pan.

    When POD is direct connected in2 PA/STUDIO CONSOLE using both L+R balanced/unbalanced outputs, THE PA/STUDIO CONSOLE MUST BE PANNED HARD L/R, regardless if it is a small gig, a large stage production, a studio recording session, or ...a jam session in paradise.


    Exception: MONO patches.

  3. For those of you run your guitar directly into the PA/board do you pan your presets hard "L/R" or "Center" in the POD's mixer? Is there an optimal way to pan the guitar signal while running direct?

    always use two channels of the PA mixing console; pan those hard "L/R".

    in this way u have full control via each preset; i u wanna have stereo guitar sound pan hard "L/R" in the POD's mixer, otherwise pan "Center".

  4. without having the pod/guitar in hand,  i suggest u can do this by DYNAMICALLY changing the key with exp-1/2;

    so, when exp1/2 is in min position, assign key=F#
    when exp1/2 is in max position, assign key=E.

    insert also a pitch glide b4 the harmonizer, with pitch=-2 'n mix=100, initial state=off.

    play :
    B  A# F# C#  (exp1/2=min, pitch glide=off)
    A  G# E  B   (exp1/2=max, pitch glide=off)
    A  G# E  B   (exp1/2=max, pitch glide=on)

    RELOAD the preset (using corresponding  FS), so u will start from the beginning again.

    if u have a JTV, u cld easily replace the pitch glide with alt tuning (change model/tuning with the 5-pos switch).

    In all cases, set scale=major 'n shift=-3rd
    so u can cover this with only one preset.

    try attached test patch.



    also check out this one (Hotel California harmonies)


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  5. ...So X number of years down the road, when Helix is unsupported, I don't need to be too concerned when MS or Apple release new operating systems....


    X/2 number of years down the road, the buttons/motherboard/switches/psu/exp-pedal/-etc-etc-etc of ur helix machine will b probably worn out my friend :)

  6. holy crap! what do you have in that Prosonic, 24" speakers?  Must weigh a ton or is that a midget strat?  LOL...


    nope, i have the combo, with ®2-10†Custom Design Celestion speakers,  but believe me, she is  a really HEAAAAVY baby! {48 lbs= 22 kg}

    the strat is an original vintage with the 3-position switch.

    i have only added sperzel locking tuners.



    u can hear those two beasts in this old studio cover we have recorded 4 years ago;

    signal chain:  strat-->prosonic-->mic--->recording console. 

    no effects!


  7. ...This brings up one really cool feature of Helix. There really isn't a need for the PC editor, which will be almost identical to what's on the unit. I wish more companies would cut the cord like this....


    i do not agree.

    pc editor minimizes wear 'n tear of ur unit!

    i consider it as "a-must-have" feature :)

  8. ...It is still reliant upon hearing / feeling the string vibrations through the neck, the same way the Tronicals are, and if it is a loud room, with other vibrations resonating through the neck, then chances are that the Clip may not suffer the same sympathetic vibration issues as the Tronicals....


    have u tried using the mags when tuning?

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