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    However, users have reported that the Tronical is easily confused in a noisy (as in gigging) environment, and in several cases they've been unable to tune at all under those circumstances. The unit can also be a bit delicate, especially if you try to use it manually under the wrong conditions.


    cld u pls post related links?

  2. Jandrio, you can easily replicate to 90% the sound if you will make a model on JTV with the danelectro on neck position only, set the plexi cab DEP RES 0% and the low cut frequency to the 120 hz. Actually anyone can do this . Take care.



    Aris tks,  I will try ur suggestions and post results in a part 4 comparison vid.


    In my opinion the sound quality and not the quantity is of utmost importance.


    We know that the HX price is three times more than the HD price, so the point behind this comparison series vids was 2 explore whether the HX sound is also three times better than the HD sound.


    I'm trying 2 replicate the EXACT conditions the HX sound was produced/recorded in the sweatwater video.

    I only know that a helix plus a JTV69-USA was used with the selector switch in positions 3+5.


    I do not know:

    • the input signal path;
    • the variax mags/models mix;
    • the fx chain and settings;
    • the amp settings (assuming a plexi lead amp is used);
    • the post processing applied in the HX sound (eq, mic recording,etc);

    So, in light of the abv, I'm proceeding using the trial 'n error method.  


    In part 1 I started using the spank model pos.5 and the Son of Plexi preset.  


    In part 2, I experimented with the variax mags and both inputs.


    I have found out that using variax mags and only one input (ie input1=variax mags, input2=aux) I get an almost 99% tone match (!).  Now u say that with the danelectro model u can easily replicate 90% the sound (!!!)


    Clearly, it seems that the HD sound is very-very-close 2 the HX sound...


    So unless we get some really amazing HX sound samples, I really cannot c any reason at all 2 pay 1.5K only 4 having a fancy color ui  and four stereo paths, fx loops, etc,etc, etc.... 


    I consider a better 'n more powerful alternative 2 purchase THREE HD's instead and use then in tandem (imagine a stellar 6 channel sound with 6 amps!). :)



    in this comparison vid series, the hd sound is heard as recorded via usb in audacity; there is NO POST-PROCESSING whatsoever.

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  3. from



    I just solved the problem! 


    I uninstalled the ASIO4ALL and R24Zoom drivers (although, I suspect the R24 was not the issue).  Hopefully this will help others with the same error.  I figured since it was on the initialization of Reaper there would be competition with the other ASIO driver.  Regardless of the logic, that was the solution for my system.  





    Update on my end:

    I've discovered that, for the SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error, it's caused by a conflict between the HD500 driver, and my integrated AMD Radeon HD 8400. Why do I know this? The STENH error only shows up when I'm using the HD500's USB interface WHILE I've got my external monitor plugged into my laptop's VGA port.

    For anyone getting the STENH error, your GPU is likely to blame. Unfortunately, as mine is integrated, there is Jack and Squat that I can really do of it... Very disappointing, as I kinda need the additional pixel-based real estate when running Cubase.

    As for the IRQL error, I got one of those the other afternoon as well. But I have yet to see it twice. A simple restart fixed the IRQL for me. Perhaps, for some, running a program like CCleaner and disabling software like AVG are a good workaround to that.
    I'll let you guys know if I see the IRQL error again. When something happens more than once, there's obviously something to find. lol

    Til later~


    check out also this thread:

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  4. alternate tunings by preset for a jtv in the HD500 support semitones.

    i understand u need 435/440=0.9886

    u can achive as foll:


    1. using Workbench HD create a variax detuned model by tweaking the "parallel pitch" feature (pitch=0, cents=-3 or -2).

    2. set the "mix" parameter = 100% in each string.

    3. save this model in custom 1/2 bank, or whichever other bank u wish.

    4. set the jtv tuning knob="Model".

    5. on ur hd500 preset, set jtv model accordingly (eg Custom1-5).


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  5. Part two is based on a three-riff-by-riff-comparison.

    A simple patch is used, based on the famous  Son of Plexi factory preset slightly modified (  ).

    The patch was built using stereo headphones 'n a pair of studio monitors.

    The patch is played with a v2.21 JTV 69s-Korean-black, connected thru VDI  2 a v2.62 HD500.

    The middle 'n neck magnetic pickups r used (standard from the factory), tone 'n volume knobs=100%.

    Strings: D'Addario NYXL0942  09-42  (heavily worn-out).  

    The HD500 is set 2 “Studio/Direct†mode, global EQ off, both inputs 1 + 2 = variax mags.

    The three comparison riffs r recorded using Audacity (usb, not mic).

    Since the Helix signal path is currently undefined, the HD500 will also b tested with:
    input 1 = variax mags,  input 2 = aux.

    If significant variations exist, a new vid will be posted....
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