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  1. I just checked Sweetwater, and while the links I published above are still going to "discontinued" pages, there are new listings for White, Black and Burst Variax Standards.
    If they'll honor the price I was getting from GC, I may cancel my existing order today and get one from Sweetwater.

  2. My advisor at Guitar Center online told me yesterday, he thinks the Variax Standard has been discontinued. They show black, white and sunburst as backordered into August...the same time frame in which they were showing the Amethyst limited edition, which was discontinued. There is ONE in their inventory, an open box unit at a store in Wisconsin, missing both battery and charger. 


    Does anyone know? I only see a small number on Reverb. Does Yamaha/Line 6 still make these?


    I’d buy one on reverb, except I had a 16% off coupon for GC. 

  3. On 6/3/2019 at 9:51 AM, phaseshift said:

    Are more on the way? Guitar Center thinks so, on August 10. I ordered one to replace my original Variax (500 before it was named 500).

    Answering my own question: Guitar Center called me today to cancel the order. 

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