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  1. Sure but its more like an instrument in my context...and to be fair it does have a lot of pitch talk Inputs Mic > Mic, Acoustic via irig > Aux, elect/variax > elect Outs FOH Guitar L&R FOH Synth (keys and midiguitar midi multiplex) FOH vocals FOH Loops (at times) Add to that the usb IO routed to Ableton for all the stuff Helix is faaar beyond an fx pedal...sure it includes a tuner but I find it hard no to think of it as a super instrument :-) Helix is the first real go at synergy Thanks all of you for not flaming me for my ADHD behaviour :0
  2. BAHA...well who would have thought??? The problem with using too many synths over the years and looking for master tune :-\ Never had this issue with percussion...tunebot Well at least I had a lesson in humility...I asked the question without even looking...was using native and assumed way too much and did a net search first...which had a heap of whining about Variax and pitch shifting BTW the offset feature is great; equal temperament and intonation are at odds and being able to flatten B and G by a registered amount is brilliant (as well as my classical has intonation that needs G quite a lot flatter...but thats the beauty; imperfection...just not distraction Cheers @datacommando
  3. I got what he was saying...and it is an issue of loyalty...I bought one of the first pods in Australia and despite my registrations, I own a lot of L6 gear, some brilliant, some a complete waste of money (jm4). I def would have paid the price of a model pack (even double ;-\)...and yeah got closer with mics/cabs. If I add up my wages on the time I spent trying, I could have bought another helix...Im serious; sometimes, time is more important Is it still capture or modelling? They ported the fx? (and a big thank you for that :-) Its just when you get A sound, its signature...dragging around a hd is a little bothering hehe; Helix just does not have the rounding of the transients which is like a unique built in compressor. eg I still use a D70; did sound design on them when they first come out...filters are absolute butter; its a signature hence why eg deep forest used it exclusively for some sounds. Power caps are still going...and I have a lot of software synths...admittedly remakes of what I grew up on but others as well...each one has a signature. Point is I can still access all my old hardware synths that I own (except d70 which is on the way)...that is brilliant and well worth the money... Its an artists signature ie not just the colours but the brushes
  4. So where is the master tune? I did look through the prefs first hehe
  5. Cheers Actually spent a whole day...gave up, its just toooo diff; all the above. Yeah I went back to the HD...the midrange is killer...Helix doesnt actually sound like the amp as does sound 'better' ie hifi and feel a little better to touch Totally get it (Calabasas)...but if something sounds know the is good...just because something is new, doesnt mean its this case its different and pretty much when you get a particular sound...thats it. I dont keep fiddling with that one...sure, do a diff version etc but I always have core sounds and extend from that as its the performance connection that is so important to me. Thats why I still use my orig TS808 from 1982 (17th birthday...yep Im old) just has something that you can pick AB (my wife could easily tell hehe)
  6. Footswitch behaviour gesturing Just look at morning star controllers as a good example...i have been doing this for other OEM guys in python but once you use gesturing its hard to go back Eg Single/double press/hold Hold is there for snapshots. .good start but long way to go Should be a standard set of gestures along with robust options (eg controller editor from ni) Example of use Snapshots area amazing but also block out other uses. Lets say you use a reverb and ill call them states 1. Default. 20% mix, decay 1s 2. Deeper, 35% mix 1.9s 3. Ambient 40% mix, 3s As you can see these are fixed states, not expression pedal where its infinitely variable. (Multi state stomp) Using gestures would work like this Single quick click = on/off Double recall = 1. Default Hold = recall 2 Hold again, cycle to next (more and more effect), recall 3. Hold again cycle back to 1. Default Optional: double press hold cycles backward, i use this a lot on Ableton controllers Cheers
  7. Simple question, quite often you need persistent midi controls that are 'snapshot bypass' i missing something...why is there no bypass os snapshots available in Com center?
  8. I was just thinking the same thing...but those switches dint work ie bad timing feel But Those air turn reed switches might just be the thing...although i never use >3m cables for passive pickups...:-) Anyway cheers for the thoughts! Btw, why send to ground...will open circuit suffer hum or??
  9. Sorry, its syncopated input in real time not an oscillation that im after @PierMhas the interpretation right Cheers anyway
  10. Thats what i tried yo do with helix...hence the post here The midi gate was super quick and was close enough for live. I have diff stuff plugged into helix depending on gig... Classical, acoustic with condenser mic pup, banjo with similar mic, mandolin using irig stage, strat, lp supreme, ibanez jem etc you get the idea; id like something that goes across all that, else its limited so doing it first in signal chain will do the job...but as mentioned so far, not working well. Im not a purist...hehe ill play a stick with strings...but also, without feedback to sustain or eg a rev/delay hold, its hard to get that glitch type thing convincingly and still be focused on playing ie chords, which is why i favour the footswitch; so its more like resonant chord effect (and why guitar rig works so well). Impro is a huge part of the play and im doing percussion during that as well (single moveable mic on that) the timing of the stutter phrase is more like an old qs10/ms20 vibe ie response to timing is vital Cheers
  11. Correct! I have also mimiced the effect in mixing before in various ways with a midi gate ie in cubase and its pretty much the same eg tapping in a syncopated beat or using audio amplitude with a threshold. You can also easily do it in guitar rig with a step sequencer as a modifier and send it to anything eg gate or filter using a square wave output...or footswitch so i was hoping i could do the same in helix :-(
  12. You know the old lp pickup switch right? U touch it lightly from center position and move bit back & forth u get a pulse of a square wave sequencer. Cant quite do it the same on most 5 way switches so i would like to use a footswitch to tap the rhythm (using volume gain -120/+0 db But The foot switch response is so slow its useless Has anyone else had success in emulating the switch gate effect? Cheers
  13. Thanks peeps Following click kills the spontaneity of emotion in a performance..prob stopped using that 15 years ago nd likely will never do it again in this context. The subtly and emotion that is lost is a no go EDM etc of course but this is a guitar/voice performance so yeah...nah! We take the performance and tempo based stuff is needed, we chase the tempo of the live automation is not really an option. I do have an airturn noiseless pedal that is normally used for page turning...but no midi out...will investigate that along with reply#1
  14. Im not sure that eg exp lets you map the controller to on/off...will have a look but it didnt previously eg PDHD500x etc but prob only need 2 footswitches so thanks for the thoughts IF it does allow switching, then I guess i could patch a 10k resistor etc across custom cables...if that helps anyone else
  15. Thanks guys Following click kills emotion in a performance..prob stopped using that 15 years ago nd likely will never do it again in this context. The subtly and emotion that is lost is a no go EDM etc of course but this is a guitar/voice performance so yeah...nah! We take the performance and if stuff is needed we chase the tempo of the live automation is not really an option. I do have an airturn noiseless pedal that is normally used for page turning...but no midi out...will investigate that.
  16. We have a client who is a guitarist/vocalist and uses a helix. Normally we are just micing up his vocals (TLM103/K2 in MS > VMP400e pre) so it retains the stereo space around the vocal. DT770 for monitoring (tight isolation) The helix is going in via the tube DI inputs...and everything is sweet...right? NO The artists switches presets along the you do for various parts of the take and it also part of his performance. The foot switches are really loud, they are downright distracting on the otherwise great takes...some of them are on top of the singing so I can just gate/edit them out. I cant use any null of mics etc because of the way we need to capture him (as described above) Has anyone had any success in quieting them down? I mentioned for my own live stuff during covid ie in small rooms with people standing close etc...and seems no one else notices here Thanks
  17. Howdy and new years greetz I would have paid easily for a hd500 models pack > Helix Ok, I only really need a couple but I have wasted days trying to get this... I have a couple of original songs recorded with the HD500 and there is a great mid range was chosen because after a couple of tweaks, it just has the right 'space' for vocals etc. The Helix model with all the variations sounds great too BUT it is much more hifi and despite my best attempts (Ive been gigging for over 40 years and used pod since the first model). I have tried using it but there is just something fatiguing about it SO I am keeping a podhd atm so I can still gig and do those songs but WHY? I need it to be streamlined...the whole point of Helix The new helix stuff is definitely amazing but there needs to be some respect for at least allowing users to download old models if needed, as they have done with legacy fx...great move. I cant seem to run an amp without a cab in HD so I can even tell if its cab or amp related. Ill do IR if I have to but that wont do the non linear aspects of the sound Has anyone had success with this particular amp/cab?
  18. Exactly...when I was first starting out...I progressed to buying 2 fender rhodes cabs because I had no money and they were on clearance so I just worked with what I had. Initially that was TS808, ds1 etc into a dm1000 and then into an ibanez stereo chorus which fed the fender boxes. The chorus was super subtle but with delay etc and the 808 plus painstakingly remembering the knob positions by ear, that phase shift for me was more like a super emphasised echoing in a small valley which has that swirly kind of thing going on. Sounds crazy but before that, I actually lived on the top of a small mountain out of town and we would jam their, crank the guitar and the echoes throughout the valley is actually what I was trying to emulate (I also do a lot of FOH and come to think of it...that does a similar thing with volume) Thats part of what I mean about 'space'. Thats why as mentioned, when I listen to a track, part of the psycho acoustic cueing ie placing you into a believable space is just so important for connection...whether its in a room or a valley or a cave; its so magnifies the performance and sounds so much bigger imho Thats why close mic mono vs ms stereo is chalk and cheese in capturing performance (as you say @craiganderton re the intricacies of even room space). Ive been pursuing it a long time but I did hear an esoteric recording of some african blues and it seriously sounds like you are sitting in the room with them...amazing even if its not your genre (I have crazy playlists) Put on some good cans...
  19. Thanks @craiganderton That was a good read...well paced and lots of nuggets. I didnt read much of the multi band section as Im a TRIAD fan and do all my mband stuff there (the mband version of BYOME) as the modulation is crazy and so easy...(not to mention Helix Native is a complete cpu hog even on i7 127k) but I will give it a peruse when I get some time...but I really just use 3 amp setups and with some efx there is already more than a great palette (well as soon as I can port to helix anyway) The IR process is super simple and its a good starting point to get me try the old school ones Im use to Cheers
  20. I didnt mean the preset...I mean audio clip...thats the real test :-) Interested to hear the print of those using something similar...just plain vanilla straight out of the board. What I do need to say is When using the real 808, the input is def loaded a lot more and you can feel the weight of the lower impedance which makes all of the plugins seem brighter (some more than others) but changes the headroom so the plugs tend to max out on heavy playing whereas the hw has a bit more room for dynamics Its (HW) super responsive to changes that none of the modellers seem to match ie knob positions but even by ear, the change of character per knob increment is pretty touchy in comparison Side by side so far; the GRig TS808 (including line6 x 2, brainworx and a couple of others) is clearer and very noticeably less muffled (NOT cleaner) and playing soft notes, they dont break up/distort with what seems more even harmonics (kind of smoother and not as brittle) like the others and acts most like the hardware Both line6 models seem quite noisy? At his stage, Ill likely go with Helix Live so I can have a lot more flexibility until I can read up on the IR and get the cabs etc that I really like and Ill give it another go. It seems like Helix native seems to load balance/multithread but if I serial HL and other plugins in line with HL...HL glitches a lot on the input despite only taking 25% cpu load I would like to thank everyone for their time and input.
  21. Is that the only place available ie not direct from you?
  22. Ok so I have another post on TS808 Has anyone done an IR of eg a piece of their own hardware and used it in lieu of ie as an IR I realise this is only a snapshot but in the case of the TS808, I use max 3 settings. Would be interesting to hear of others using IR not just for cabs etc
  23. Reaper certainly looks good and would be my first choice...if...I hadnt been using Cubase since v1.0 on atari...a little hard to change now hehe and I program python/remote scripts for OEM/Ableton so I use both of those depending - Live for live, then Cubase for the studio I do appreciate Dan worrals view but pretty much all of those special little features just need studio rack (free) now that it does vsts as well (just an encouragement now for those on other daws as those phase related eg delta fader etc can be handled as a capsule within the plug)
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