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  1. Exactly...when I was first starting out...I progressed to buying 2 fender rhodes cabs because I had no money and they were on clearance so I just worked with what I had. Initially that was TS808, ds1 etc into a dm1000 and then into an ibanez stereo chorus which fed the fender boxes. The chorus was super subtle but with delay etc and the 808 plus painstakingly remembering the knob positions by ear, that phase shift for me was more like a super emphasised echoing in a small valley which has that swirly kind of thing going on. Sounds crazy but before that, I actually lived on the top of a small mountain out of town and we would jam their, crank the guitar and the echoes throughout the valley is actually what I was trying to emulate (I also do a lot of FOH and come to think of it...that does a similar thing with volume) Thats part of what I mean about 'space'. Thats why as mentioned, when I listen to a track, part of the psycho acoustic cueing ie placing you into a believable space is just so important for connection...whether its in a room or a valley or a cave; its so magnifies the performance and sounds so much bigger imho Thats why close mic mono vs ms stereo is chalk and cheese in capturing performance (as you say @craiganderton re the intricacies of even room space). Ive been pursuing it a long time but I did hear an esoteric recording of some african blues and it seriously sounds like you are sitting in the room with them...amazing even if its not your genre (I have crazy playlists) Put on some good cans...
  2. Thanks @craiganderton That was a good read...well paced and lots of nuggets. I didnt read much of the multi band section as Im a TRIAD fan and do all my mband stuff there (the mband version of BYOME) as the modulation is crazy and so easy...(not to mention Helix Native is a complete cpu hog even on i7 127k) but I will give it a peruse when I get some time...but I really just use 3 amp setups and with some efx there is already more than a great palette (well as soon as I can port to helix anyway) The IR process is super simple and its a good starting point to get me going...ie try the old school ones Im use to Cheers
  3. I didnt mean the preset...I mean audio clip...thats the real test :-) Interested to hear the print of those using something similar...just plain vanilla straight out of the board. What I do need to say is When using the real 808, the input is def loaded a lot more and you can feel the weight of the lower impedance which makes all of the plugins seem brighter (some more than others) but changes the headroom so the plugs tend to max out on heavy playing whereas the hw has a bit more room for dynamics Its (HW) super responsive to changes that none of the modellers seem to match ie knob positions but even by ear, the change of character per knob increment is pretty touchy in comparison Side by side so far; the GRig TS808 (including line6 x 2, brainworx and a couple of others) is clearer and very noticeably less muffled (NOT cleaner) and playing soft notes, they dont break up/distort with what seems more even harmonics (kind of smoother and not as brittle) like the others and acts most like the hardware Both line6 models seem quite noisy? At his stage, Ill likely go with Helix Live so I can have a lot more flexibility until I can read up on the IR and get the cabs etc that I really like and Ill give it another go. It seems like Helix native seems to load balance/multithread but if I serial HL and other plugins in line with HL...HL glitches a lot on the input despite only taking 25% cpu load I would like to thank everyone for their time and input.
  4. Is that the only place available ie not direct from you?
  5. Ok so I have another post on TS808 Has anyone done an IR of eg a piece of their own hardware and used it in lieu of ie as an IR I realise this is only a snapshot but in the case of the TS808, I use max 3 settings. Would be interesting to hear of others using IR not just for cabs etc
  6. Reaper certainly looks good and would be my first choice...if...I hadnt been using Cubase since v1.0 on atari...a little hard to change now hehe and I program python/remote scripts for OEM/Ableton so I use both of those depending - Live for live, then Cubase for the studio I do appreciate Dan worrals view but pretty much all of those special little features just need studio rack (free) now that it does vsts as well (just an encouragement now for those on other daws as those phase related eg delta fader etc can be handled as a capsule within the plug)
  7. Ok IR is a convolution right? Is there any dynamics involved...I agree...no! (although the Liquid Channel which I still have uses a serious convolution engine tricks to get some pretty decent dynamics) Is it an EQ...of course... Can an IR be longer than a single sample? Yes Therefore can it apply the reverberant captured space, er etc of course...thats what Im looking for...as in other post...the front to back cues as well as eq...not just how the speaker acted as a filter. So please explain to me...re the envelope of reverberation...it changes along time eg ER will reflect the diffusion and absorption characteristics of the initial hit and then the other materials impart their sonic signature later in the envelope, filtering out according the the RT60...can be seen in a waterfall plot when measuring rooms and this can be applied via convolution so Im not actually able to get what you are saying...??? So are you saying an IR does not carry time domain dimension re acoustic space? Your answer is not clear to me re context...but prob doesnt matter anyway...I do appreciate your input but if there is an IR capture process already documented in the book...I think Im all set :-) Whether for disaster or resolution.
  8. Baha...thanks Craig... Ok the book...sounds good and I did mean the comments about your inputs at SOS...way way back. I spent a lot of money on those all sitting in a corner now :-) EDIT: Had a look at some of your articles; to be clear, for sure, close mic eq for IR is clear...but Im definitely talking about the sound package ie drum kit vs a snare. In other words room response in terms of space cue is an important part of the IR for me...is this excluded from the term IR in helix? Cool, Yep at the end of the day that its hey? I was waffling about time domain because I hear so many recordings now that are close mic, no space which is unfortunately a missing element that is so helpful in create good mixers; eq itself doesnt fix this, space does eg sit 4m out from a string quartet (acoustically)...those ms cues are so helpful and thats my aim...sure eq is a big part of the cab but front to back is prob more what Im looking for especially for cleaner tones.
  9. Agreed, its definitely got a more playable response...with a tad less bass applied, its close enough then anyway Now if I can just get an IR out of guitar rig I think Im set...
  10. Sure But you are joking right; comparing freq with time? Slapping a parametric on a time domain issue isnt exactly helpful information to others reading. The er/slap, rear bleed of an f8 picking up all of that with phase anomaly affecting over time will never be addressed with eq. Its about the space surrounding an object that s important to human spatial cueing which is what IR in this application is all about. I somehow think we are assuming different things here...its eq over time and spatial cue all in one...yes it is far more than an eq unless you are using singl sample DIRAC for eq purposes...unless Im missing something here? I digress...just looking for someone who is well schooled in the art of IR capture in context of Helix and willing to share insights? I can work it out from that point and ill be sure to share back here with actual AB samples whether its a failure or not and help others on the journey.
  11. Hmm I have to disagree; an impulse response done properly is doing far more than eq; eq is static, IR includes time capture. Sure it can easily do freq domain but its the time domain that is equally important to cabs. Non linearities are the issue. I was simply hoping to replicate (close enough) what I hear in the control room (real) when I mic up. For sure; thats why Im here but its more than sound; its feel. What does it elicit in playing/emotion. Im using a lot of bits and pieces atm to just put together 3 main sounds (plus variance of that preset) The problem is, just because something is new, doesnt mean its better ;-) Was just hoping that could all be done in the helix. They def got the IO right (although you cant loop out to usb without assigning a path which is weird) but it really is good. Sure some of grig cabs totally suck but the ui of CR and speed as to dialling in sounds instead of blind tweaking is amazing and Im not complaining about helix amps etc, I quite like the Fender twin vib model...its not particularly close to the real thing but its sounds great....its just some of the other stuff isnt. A 4x12 split stack with 121 on each side (L/R pan); 1/cone edge, 1/cap edges with a frequency key on each channel is so good and a go to (in many studios). If its in a dig realm already, then why wouldnt you use it? Can I ask the question with respect; have you ever spent a lot of time in a studio, micing up cabs etc and even eg used ribbon mics on them? Do you gig much using monitor levels > 87db and FOH > 1000w? Could you do a quick clip for us to listen to your fav preset that presents a multi mic cab? That would be cool Cheers
  12. Cheers I guess its not even about the helix version...I have 2 other pieces of software that I can blind test every time as much more vibrant than the helix. To level the playing field; I using identical pre in with 500k impedance and roughly calibrated using -12db on 440 with a consistent pluck. The helix really does sound muffled and even when I eq it or try and get it right, its easy to pick because it gets worse the more I add to it I have had the helix for a while but I play classical/steel string/electric using the 3 inputs which is a great feature (as well as sending a dry for guitar synth etc). Do you have any examples of presets you have done using 808? Is it a critical component in your setup? TBH this all really started because the phantom power died on the helix (for acoustic mic) so I whipped out an old rig which had guitar on it and it sounded better but more than that, it felt so much more responsive to play especially with dynamics as my monitor was pretty loud at the gig. So I thought Id try and get something close...but thats not happening Ill give the legacy a go...as well as my friends ts for second opinion BTW the difference is blind pickable every time; i setup a switch and flick quickly with eyes closed before I start so I dont know which is which. Then I play, switching slowly...its obvious.
  13. Aha...I get it then. I love playing music with peeps...something happens that just never makes it out of the studio; not to say I dont love hanging there but live...wow...the magic :-)
  14. Baha...I dont use compressors on modellers or with any kind of saturation as ie saturation is compression (well clipping is limiting really); sure its a sound but....
  15. Interesting...I always thought it was a 12 bit chip :-\ but yeah 8k is the magic Baha...dragging around the pod as an insert fx live is pretty dedicated... Its looking more like Helix Live...I found a vst of the DM1000...pretty close actually. Thanks for the reply...hope you are doing well!
  16. Cheers...Craig has been at the anvil a long time so total respect...his days on sound on sound were amazing
  17. Thanks for your reply Before even starting the journey, it needs to be within scope of an AB comparison...it sounds nowhere near it atm. Just kind of lifeless and flat...and the harmonics sound kind of fizzy in comparison to the original and even guitar rig. Ive just downloaded a couple of others. What I mean is plugging it into a chain of variables is not an ideal way to get each stage right...like I said, this was a 17th birthday present...Im pretty familiar with how it should sound and it just doesnt... :-( EDIT: Despite spending a lot of time trying to dial the L6 TS808, it really does sound muffled and flat with a boost in the low mids that is not there on the hardware nor guitar rig...prob halfway between GR and the brainworx imvho
  18. What I mean i, I used guitar rig for years; one of the reasons is the brilliant control room ie so fast and such good sound to create cabs You can't have everything so I want to grab some of my favourite cab setups and copy the irs into helix Has any got a refined method to do this they might like to share? And Ill buy you a coffee or beer :-)
  19. I use(d) an Ibanez dm1000 delay; I tried the low res delay but its got such a different feel...any help pointing me in the right direction would be great; they have such a great balance of folding the delay back with the right freq balance that it doesnt crowd the original and has repetitive degrade on the loop return but not too much...a great compromise between bucket brigade, tape and pure digital.
  20. Hi All Im trying to set up old gear in the helix that I have (original ts808/1982 that was a birthday present...yep Im old)...I have mucked around with the hxedit/scream808 and its just missing something...I thought it was just dig realm at first...so I opened up old guitar rig 5 and did a side by side...and its a hell of a lot closer and feels right when you are playing it So to get the helix more in line with the original...are there any tricks and tips you might be aware of or should I just give up and patch the pedal (but its an extra complexity I dont want and it defeats the point?) Cheers
  21. For anyone else; support replied and stated that once authorised, HN will not phone home and leave you stranded at a gig as opposed to the helix, locking up...twice...shortly before a gig and needing a reset and despite the phantom power blowing at a gig (as I use condenser mic for an acoustic)...as you dont always have control over who plugs your gear in ;-)
  22. I realise its been asked in different ways 1. Problem; there are prob 3 must have setups from hd500 that must make it into helix...but when I try and copy from 1 to the other, there are terminology diffs etc. I dont want to do a lot...but there are 3 presets that really are bread and butter...there are some great new ones in Helix...but I need these old ones, as close as poss to how they were on hd500 Cheers
  23. Just realised I should have posted in another area...please move to software/helix And yes I read that the trial needs to be signed in at all times...but even opening the screen? Cheers...hope it helps someone else
  24. In Ableton, even just clicking on the settings for Helix Native (after I have closed it) causes it to check server for authorization Im wanting to use this in a live rig/minipc as Helix just doesnt cut it for my application and I cant stand the footswitches... Is there someway to stop it or at least refresh it before I gig? Cheers
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