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  1. Hi All I have been using a hd500 for many years...always good on electric and eq has been ok...other than painful UI I now have added classical for flamenco stuff and K&K trinity pick up...this goes into the line in Also added a nice Seagull acoustic with a custom mic mount using a Rode video micro which sounds quite decent and plugs into the mic input Now eq is really important for these sources. I originally spent 10 minutes on each just using a yamaha plug in Low and Hi Shefl and 1 parametric. Clean and silky but it needs to be in the HD...so I have been through them, cheat sheets, youtube tutorials and they just sound clanky and grainy...is there any way to get other eq into ie addons? Any tricks? Thanks and greets form Oz
  2. Thanks...yeah I guess it gets to a point of being too much trouble...would rather be playing...just debugging pure data atm for all the pedal board behaviours....much rather be playing. Im using Ossandust Uno eprom which he threw a couple of custom bits in for me...its pretty bullet proof really. Really miss having a rotary pedal...but cant find a decent industrial quadrature encoder that works with Livid card. A normal foot pedal is great for fx but gentle eg volume etc...anyway another story but getting late here...time for bed.
  3. Ok, I looked up the midi sync issues on other threads, have set it up (HD500) that way but it def does not work...its clocking out and I can see that in midiox...when I looked up the actual example, translated from spanish, the user had only theorised and never used it live. I am getting wierd tempo...around double the tempo on the HD500 but it is not consistent. ie 75 on Live = 150 on HD with tempo being sent to HD...any ideas? This also highlights a completely ridiculous scenario...with the Pod HD on the other system...how am I meant to get it to sync fx to Live? NO MIDI IN OR MIDI VIA USB...I dont usually swear but you know, this is complete rubbish; if one wants syncd rhythmic effects ie delay on the PODHD, how is that accomplished? Thats what Im talking about...a very narrow cultural outlook snookers users into corners...unless I am missing something very obvious? Did no one actually test this stuff in any scenario except the Line 6 r&d rooms? Yeh its negative rant because I just cannot believe it can be so bad. Someone suggested using software ie Pod Farm...hmm...guess what? NO HD and you CANT EVEN SELECT A PROG VIA PROGRAM CHANGE!!! Completely missing from the midi implementation. Booh line 6...just not accpetable. If there was a decent HD software solution, I would give these HW units away to the next door neighbours kids immediately. Cheers
  4. Just trying to manually port a couple of presets (from HD500 with damaged usb port to a HD bean)...does anyone know if there is a way to read the amp parameters more accurately ie as a percentage rather than the very coarse lcd display. FX read as percentage...so I hoping there might be some 'hidden' way to do that. Cheers
  5. Thanks Silverhead...BillBee...Gotcha...but wouldnt that mean that as a driver based midi port...it should be available? Anyway...moving on now as it doesnt play the game..with just about all the L6 bits, there is always a dead end. Ill just use a couple of amp models and route through guitar rig which has decent fx, great looper for stand alone and Live for the whole percussion rig. Clunky but hopefully works. I ported all the control code to Pure Data...its a great prog btw (once you learn the graphic concepts)
  6. Have you actually tried yourself? Thats the whole point...why Im here. Starting with QOI (Quality of Information) to research, you start with the manufacturers manual...right? So while the HD500 explicitly states no midi over usb...the HD manual, whilst it would really need remote control way more than the hd500..does not. So moving to tier 2, with quality responses as mentioned, I investigate product forums for valid info. Then AFTER this point, you move into to the sea of oblivion...where disinformation has claimed many a soul; not to mention a lot of time wasted but a few hidden gems. If you navigate a different way...good luck to you. I have been trying to sort this for many months...in the end, I actually gave up on L6 and face the fact that I will need to stick to 4 presets using external wiring of the ABCD switch, Im just peeling the PCB out of the bean and sticking it into the floor board which uses a steinberg UR44 for the io...FCB1010 which for a cheap product has a feature set that is embarassing to the MKII shortboard (although the inverse is true for quality). Bottom line is L6 has great tone...Ill just live with the bean buried in the stomach of the rig...if I had space...I would manage it another way.
  7. Joel_Brown...not specifying you...Im appreciative of the enthusiasm on the forum here; Im just trying to do a job, in minimum time, with comprehensive knowledge. Of the roughly 65 posts I have interacted with, nearly half of the responses have been bored peeps. "I think...I'm sure" etc dont help anyone...I have better things to do...like fixing my problem. Comprehensive knowledge is not a bad thing...and when I went to plug in the bean, saw the midi driver...it would have brought your knowledge into question. If you gave the all the details, I would then have the comprehensive knowledge, trust in what you are saying and no need to chase the wind. Guys like hurghanico, are absolutely amazing...they need to be paid. I have asked several questions...responded with a full knowledgeable answer+ and I walk away able to do the job instantly, Add to that, now I have that knowledge and can impart, accurately to the next person that needs it. Line 6 make great tone...no doubt, best value on the planet. The integration of that tone into the landscape of musicians in 2015-16, leaves a lot to be desired when every step I take in that area is a compromise. Midi implementation is intrinsic for any serious integration, period vs eg a half baked looper. Peace guys
  8. As on other related thread...its good to answer only if you actually know...otherwise it doesnt really help anyone. The midi does reg on windows as LINE 6 POD HD It DOESNT actually do anything Just for anyone in the future pondering....I ended up buying one anyway and looked for myself.
  9. Problem is that as soon as you want to integrate into anything except a glorified foot pedal...game over. So I ended up getting the bean anyway because of the controller and space limitations of the HD500...yay...Im rewiring the ABCD button to some FSs The actual answer is that it DOES appear as a midi input (via drivers and midi OX or DAW) so Im not sure how the answers that were posted are actually worked out but it does not actually do anything, which makes it even more bizzare.
  10. I agree on not making things the same...but volume is not tone; although drive is..tone. I have (on my fav) super hot humbuckers on bridge and super clean 11k single coils on neck and middle (handwound 59er replicas by Sliders Pickups in Sydney...amazing actually) . A huge diff in levels (too much) but I still want a little diff re: above; fixed by just 'hardwiring' the levels: Measuring the lowest output and padding the higher outputs to match, with appropriate resistor on the output leg of your 5 way (or whatever you are using). Open a can of worms though...if you have more than 1 guitar...I have quite a couple but only use 2 live because it would get way too hard :-)
  11. Ive done a lot of work programming different foot controllers in the past and after looking for a way to use various FBV mkII (ie shortboard and express), I notice the absence of note on/off controllers...which is a real issue; well at least it has controllers for bank up/down...but wait...then I look at my HD500 ..cant assign controllers to bank switches...but theres more...the HD500 actually has note on/off assignable (which is where I started and could safely assume would be across the range). They are great products but the limitations/half baking are wearing...why such an inconsistency in schema? Are there teams of 50 programmers broken into committees so that no one knows what the other is doing? I think not...but to be honest...its so frustrating...just want a simple job done. Im actually just trying to use a HD desktop in my rig and get rid of the HD500 but, guess what...no midi via usb to the desktop, only FBV...wherever I turn Im blocked. Anyway...sorry for the vent but is there some workaround?...someone with an updated firmware? Thanks
  12. hehe...yeah, I have to go the other way; bought the HD500 but wish it was modular so I could just plug the brain in and switch it...Im going to just add a mkII fbv express and sit that on the end of the rig...I only use 3 models and some fx...so Im not needing a lot of switching. I do however need a lot of switching for Ableton so Ill just keep that as a separate controller. I really cant believe it can be controlled via USB...its just plain mad...:-)
  13. Thanks guys...really appreciated (definitely talking bean right?). I have my HD500 FB hooked up; it def has no midi but its noted in the manual as no midi and that would make sense ie it has 5 pin but the Bean??? That is really bad...nearly bought one to put in my rig. Will need to pull the floorboard apart and see if that can fit but it would have been so easy if there was midi on the bean...even my DI Port gold has midi comms... Oh well...too bad if anyone wanted to drive the Bean with anything less than FBV...seems like every turn...good tone but lack of flexibility (for me anyway) thanks again.
  14. Thanks. I know I have posted a diff thread but just wanted an answer...I appreciate all the replies but they arent helpful ie what ifs etc. If there is anyone here that actually owns a bean and could plug the usb in and check if it turns up as a midi device, that would be excellent. Cheers
  15. I understand there is no 5 pin to the bean...but there is a usb which most audio interfaces ie even the line 6 DI port, allow midi coms through when using with a computer. They even show up as a midi port in the midi i/o of DAWs etc. Im asking the question for anyone who actually owns a bean and has it connected to their computer...can you see the beans midi port show up in a daw? The HD500 has 5 pin midi but this, usually normal feature, has been cut out of the usb i/o HTH Thanks
  16. Currently, the HD500 doesnt allow any midi communications via USB, only via 5pin hardware. I want to use the bean/desktop unit in my rig which needs to be able to feed the usual control midi into the bean...only does anyone know if midi is implemented via USB? Or is the FBV interface the only control available? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hey, I was only comparing to my choices at the time...Grig/controller package was it for me...but the main point is, it was giving me a reference to other possibilities. I just found the whole concept was complete...there was little I could gripe about and so many nice little details managed well, except for the fact that it was fragmented compared to the single board solution of the HD. Anyway, back to topic (;-), DSP aside, there is only so far you can go before all colours turn brown. ie the most proficient painter will steer clear of trying to whack as much 'colour style' on his/her pallet as it does eventually all become brown (Im a painter...not proficient though). Keeping it controlled (and not spending months on a patch that no listener can tell the diff anyway) becomes more about music A fixed pallet gives you more music creative power rather than the therapeutic patch creation therapy itself...and its not what you add, its what you take away. The notes, phrasing and connection is like the 'luma' or the black and white of the music...if thats not piercing then no amount of polishing will make it better. The hd500 would seem spent because there is no monetary reason for L6 to even think about it when their mind is probably on the next 3 models ahead. Like I said, the modularity in a board with the HD components would be amazing instead of so many half baked solutions. Where are the strain reliefs??? Seriously, no one else ever have people kick cables out on stage? Which brings me back to...hack the HD yourself (within reason)...add some plugs...put your own strain reliefs on them. If it looks like frankenstein...its actually the designers fault :-) Im hacking a usb port in under the pedal end to house the fishman receiver etc and jumper the audio out so there is only 1 external connector (with strain relief, hehe) Peace Mark
  18. Yep definitely...single input...I have followed your very helpful foundational explanations. Thanks again for all that.
  19. WOW! Thats a great resource. Hurghanico...you say there is a tone diff...I believe you but could it be impedance loading of the diff outputs rather than eq? Especially loading the headphones differently?
  20. Thats cool and thanks for the investigation...Im on my way to work...cant be as spontaneous. 2 outcomes... Ill use the instrument out...but I wont tweak sounds with headphones but rather through the monitors. The line 6 tones are ALWAYS edgier than all the other sims, especially the twin and lux, always have to step the treble and presence back and scoop some 250 hz to make up for the mud.
  21. I guess its no big deal to make an extra adapter; just more compromise. Some hard facts by Line 6 would be great.
  22. Hi All Have read various raves on forum about jack vs headphones. What Im asking is; Is there any empirical difference in these 2 HD outputs? Noise, what is power out diff, does it feed from the same DA etc Here is the application; I always run stereo to PA (which has combo connectors). Its always a small run eg 15ft max. To reduce cable congestion, I just want to run 1 great cable (AP cables are the bomb...no I mean really it...we use the pro oval in our studio and its soooo good)...via 6.5 stereo headphone out to this cable, and an xlr>2*6.5 mono at the other end. So I want to base any further progress on empirical answers to the questions above. Cheers
  23. I know exactly what you are saying. When the beer is spilling and min spl >92db, it doesnt matter but where there is dark and light shades, suddenly its a real issue. I use an old alesis sustain foot pedal for anything timing critical anyway...especially looping as it has a very short throw and being so close to the ground, just feels right as opposed to any switch that is mounted up. What I am doing is a hack, just drilling a mono 6.5mm socket and jumpering the wires from the tap switch. That way you can use either and its very easy to do (get a tech to do it if you feel its too much). The simplest way WOULD have been to allow selection of the type of input for exp2 (like most other foot controllers I have used). ie select switch/continuous, type active/sleeve active. Then you could assign it to anything. Even if you simply wired a resistor into the FS for exp 2 and then assigned that but I dont think HD allows exp as a tap tempo controller. These are really good action, small and light and great ergonomics for timing critical applications; once you use one (or something in that format), it really shows the difference...even if the onboard FS wasnt noisy, this is light years better.
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