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  1. Thanks hurghanico...I should have mentioned that I already have input 2 set to aux and 1 to guitar in. Im wanting to use aux as a dry loop for percussion...but thats another post. I did some more testing...blind test and the HD BF definitely misses the punch, the lux is a little better. Also the tone is a bit gritty and not smooth like the clean tones of Grig. The plate verb is really good though.
  2. Hi and sorry for the flooded posts but there are a lot of things to go over. Just going through some AB with various rigs; really loving the high gain amps BUT Im finding the clean models are a bit dull and seem to be compressing the tone ie I use pos 4 strat and pull/pluck some notes hard (ie quacking the D+G around 5,6,7 fret) and they are definitely flat compared to eg Guitar rig. What I mean is the dynamic edge of the note is missing in the HD Lux model...its really noticeable. Has anyone else had similar experience? Any advice workarounds/tweaks that help? 3.5m input loading, nothing but the amp model in the chain. Guess you can really tell that with high gain as dynamics are pretty masked by the saturation. Cheers
  3. I have been checking out youtube etc with split paths using dual amps etc but cant seem to hard split the input. I usually use some hand percussion that I set some loop up on. I would like to have Guitar input on 1 (which is already setup) Mic input on 2 (also setup and working) Id like to start a song and loop/dub some percussion usually cajon/djembe on the mic input and have this play dry in the output I would like to be able to play my guitar through an amp, verb etc and have this appear in stereo spread at the output. Do I understand it correctly, that input 1 and 2 are split to feed the dual paths separately? ie If I put the looper pre, is it actually recording the inputs to L+R? Many thanks Mark
  4. Hi All What would be the best way to be able to use an external switch for the looper. What I mean is, the timing of looping/dubbing is critical. In the past, I have been using a really flat Alesis foot pedal which has a great feel, very positive and because its flat and short throw, is very accurate. I would like to be able to use this for the loop/dub function but short of drilling a hole, installing a 6.5 socket and parallel wiring fs5, I can really see a way to do it. Any ideas?
  5. HD500: Hi All Ive used a pod in one form or another since the original as well as others along the way. Of course there will always be some things missed on different units. I have also used Guitar rig which I find better for the clean tones although the hd seems to now bring comparable reverbs etc which is great (I have a hardware only rig with gr20 and a full blown rig rig all run in Live for flexible looping etc eg guitar rig, podfarm etc). My question is; In Guitar rig, when assigning a footswitch eg from rig kontrol, you can map the limit of a parameter eg Reverb mix, to the on/off: can this be done in hd500? This behaviour is visible when assigning midi to footswitches...but cant seem to connect it internally in HD500 edit In other words, clicking the footswitch can change the mix level arbitrarily from eg 15% in the off position, to eg 48% in the on position. I dont want to switch the effects on/off just adjust the parameter without using a foot pedal. I only use 3 amp types ABC and a couple of variations of only rev/delay/chorus within that...Im using the guitar synth for the washing and ambience...I find it more satisfying keeping it simple...more time for the brain to focus on the playing :-) Cheers
  6. markwesse

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks for the reply; Re 2. So the capacitive touch ability is not linked to midi? Correct. Its just a straight foot switch then? re 3. So the scribble leds are simply stored with the preset? Can you prog the scribble and preset display via external usb/midi? ie for dynamic display of feedback type params? Cheers
  7. markwesse

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks for the reply; So Im assuming the scribble is simply stored with the preset also...can you access the scribble (or the preset) leds via midi/usb to reprog on the fly? Ie provide feedback via host?
  8. markwesse

    Helix FAQ

    Howdy I use a fairly complex rig that uses a lappy, Ableton Live (with pod farm, grig etc), and I play electric, acoustic (both with midi) and a percussion rig which feeds into the system. I see that helix would simply my set up massively and $1500 is pretty reasonable if it does the job. I cant find a manual yet (please direct me if I'm wrong) but here are some questions that would really help me When feeding separate ins to the rear jacks, can these be routed via the usb into Live and back out again (pretty standard but just asking the question) Can the pedals be programmed for different behaviours eg double tap, short tap, long hold etc (I reprogrammed an essandust eprom for an fcb1010 and its simplifies operation greatly) How flexible is the programming of the foot switches with midi ie I want to use helix as a master controller for live and wondering how it handles setting the scribble strips etc ie I currently use Bank 1 as general 'playing parameters' eg tap, master vol controls, global start stop looping etc, Bank 2 is dedicated to 4 Live tracks and switching for guitar, Bank 3 is for 4 Live track and Synth/midi stuff and so on for vox, percussion etc You get the idea...Helix sounds like great tone, but master controller would be cream. Thanks Is there a better clean fender model now?..there are so many great tones but have never found a twang as good as the NI model with slider single coil pups...Im hoping
  9. markwesse

    Helix FAQ

    hehe...the most important thing anyone can do in an eq context, is close your eyes when you are tweaking and look later...trust me...takes a lifetime to resist the look...and once mastered, you will throw a lot of gear out ;-)
  10. Hi All Have been a long time user of line6 since pod 1 and still using it.Yes its running fine...L6 didnt carry the main model I use...95 mesa dual on so Im sort of stuck with it) but I Am thinking of changing my setup a little as I use Ableton live as a control hub (for midi guitar/looping etc). Have been sending the pod tone into live and then adding fx there. I want to be able to split the guitar section from the laptop and run standalone and then simply plug the hdx into the system using the spdif out when Im running the full setup. My question is, has anyone set up the delay on a hdx to actually get its tempo/tap from external source? Can this be done. ie I want to set the tempo for tracks in live using tap temp footswitch (which I do currently) and have that tempo feed back to the hdx. Then when I use the hdx stand alone I want it to get its starting delay temp from the preset/and/or the tap tempo footswitch on the hdx. Thanks mark
  11. Howdy All Im assuming that the models in pod farm are all at 44k? ie if host sample rate is eg 96k then the models are just resampled? Is this correct? Are the hd (im guessing 96k sample convos) available for pod farm at all? Also, does the 95 dual rec that was on the original pod, exist anywhere else ie that can be used in software? Many thanks Mark
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