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  1. 21 hours ago, pianoguyy said:


    No, you didn't do it on your 500. What you may have done was reverse the effects so that on was off and off was on. But you didn't light up 7 lights (8 less the 1). 


    can it be done... 

    most electric pathways have a + and a - 

    so, if you were to take apart your unit and reverse the wires controlling the lights.... maybe that will work. 


    Do you know how to reverse the effects lights?

  2. Update: I have this all worked out at this point. I used a volume pedal that is on for rhythm guitar tone and it has the volume set a few Db lower than normal, assigned it to a foot switch along with my delay and noise gate so that the volume pedal turns off when I hit the switch, which causes the volume to go back up to 100%, the noise gate turns off, and the delay turns on. I still switch between patches when I go to clean and back to dirty due to not having enough effect blocks to accommodate both tones within 1 patch.. Now I need to change my MIDI events so that instead of changing patches for the lead tone, the events activate the foot switch. Joy!

  3. Making some progress here. The HD500 advanced guide in appendix B shows the MIDI footswitch assignment values so that's a big part of what I needed to know... that I can control footswitches and not just bank/patch changes. I'm still pretty new to MIDI control. From my research, I don't think that I can change volume levels with footswitches, only with expression pedals. But I can set up the patches with a 2 amp signal path back into mono and have my multi-assigned footswitch toggle one amp with a different volume level on while switching the other amp with different volume level off, so that's the answer to controlling the volume. The rest seems like it should be simple enough for me to figure out... i.e, switching delay on, and noise gate off.


    So I can have one footswitch toggle between the 2 amps that are at different volumes while turning on/off delay and noise gate. I'll work this out and update in case it's useful for anyone else.

  4. I use my laptop to send MIDI events to change patches during songs currently so I will need to control these effects changes via MIDI also, if possible. If this is not do-able I will have to stick with the patch switches rather than just effect switches.I use 3 different patches live currently and switching between them I get the dreaded silence/sound cut out while the Pod switches. It's pretty quick but still super noticeable to me. I'm trying to get around this by being able to turn on / off multiple effects inside of 1 patch with 1 footswitch. I have my standard rhythm guitar tone that is a noise gate and treadplate amp sim. My main lead patch includes all the same amp settings but turns off the noise gate, changes the output volume, turns on delay, and has a wah pedal that I stomp on to activate. My 2nd lead tone is exactly the same except the wah activates as soon as I switch to the patch and the EXP1/2  switches between the wah and whammy.


    Is there any way I can do this from within a patch with 1 button for the main lead tone and a 2nd button for the 2nd lead tone? I really need to get rid of the sound cut out that happens while switching patches. Thanks in advance!



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