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  1. mcflavin

    Trio + and Helix

    Thanks! Is there any benefit to connecting to the mixer via XLR slots rather than through 1/4 inputs? Is it about managing the number of inputs available on the mixing board (or outputs on the helix) or is there other benefit? I was thinking I could also output from the XLR on helix and use cables that are 1/4 on the other end to plug into the line inputs on the mixing board and those wouldn't carry phantom power back to the helix.
  2. mcflavin

    Trio + and Helix

    This is awesome, thanks! I'm kinda new to all this, so pardon me if my question reveals my ignorance. My mixer has a phantom power button dangerously close to the mixer on/off so I am scared silly to use XLR outs. I output the Helix with 1/4" outs to the Mixer instead. So could I just mix drums and guitar and use those outputs? I wouldn't mind diving into two output paths, so is there way to connect Helix outputs to the XLR without causing damage to the Helix if I or someone accidentally engages the phantom power? I was reading a thread on that subject but admit I didn't completely understand it. Maybe some sort of box I can insert between the devices? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, A pristine DT 50 112 for sale. Located in West Hartford, CT but I will deliver anywhere in the state and some places outside of the state. Gorgeous amp but I have too much gear and bills to pay. Will entertain any reasonable offer but looking for $600. Steve
  4. OK, I think I figured out what I did wrong. I had it set to True Bypass. When I switched it back to DSP Bypass, I picked up the amp's controls (meaning, I guess, i was going through the DT's pre-amp. Well, I learned a lot more about the DT and the M13 this way, and I really appreciate the help of all here. Steve
  5. Thanks. I wonder if there is a way for the signal to go to the front of the amp unless I tell it to go into the effects loop. I guess this is a matter of 4 cable connection, but it seems the default it to go into the loop unless I activate a bank that I told to be in front of the amp. Maybe I should create a bank in front of the loop and just make it an eq or something... hmm
  6. Hi, when I connect my M13 to my DT50 using the 4 cable method, it seems that the amp's reverb doesn't work. I have to use an effects bank for reverb. But I was hoping that if the guitar is connected via the M13 and the M13 is off that the controls of the amp would all work. Would this possibly be because by default the guitar's signal goes into the effects loop? (That doesn't make sense to me, even as I type it.) Thanks! Steve
  7. You wrote an awesome app! One glitch I'm experiencing, maybe IOS related. I am having trouble with it crashing on my iPad when I try to save settings or to get all settings from the amp. I am using IOS 7.03 (most current version) on a 3rd gen iPad and DT 50 112. Any ideas? (I sent you an email on this as well.)
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