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  1. please , another question , there are fully programmable pitch arpeggiator for future updates ?



    That'd be cool! Put it on idea scale!

  2. If you can turn a knob, you can tweak the Helix... I was able to figure out probably over 95% of the functionality without having ever seeing the manual. It's remarkably simple for such a deep device.

    It would still be nice to see all of the parameters and whatnot that are covered I'm the manual. You know...not really to know how to use it but rather to see what it can do, in writing, at least.

  3. Don't get me wrong! I think the helix looks awesome and I want to love it! A good demo and knowing that firmware updates will be at least quartely for a couple years would make me much more confident! I want this to be a good middle ground between axe fxII and the pod hd500x. I've owned both and I went back to the pod for ease of use. I want more power with the same ease of use which seems to be what the helix has. I'm an effects guy and the effects are certainly lacking in numbers, not necessarily quality on the helix. As far as demos go, I haven't heard anything to make it sound leaps better than the pod hd yet. I'm sure it does but when you run a company that is based off of making sound, I expect to see a good demo that makes the unit all that it is hyped up to be.

  4. no disrespect but that doesn't make sense to me... the FX-8 is $1300 and only FX, no amps or any of the other features of the Helix... You should just add a M-13 if you want more FX as that links by midi and everything saves with the patch in the POD.

    The effects of the fx8 are superior to the pod hd and m13 effects and it has a larger selection. They could also link via midi just like any other midi capable unit. It doesn't have amp models but I'm fine with the amp models on the pod. I would be happy with better amps but I haven't heard anything that made the helix amps sound far superior. At least with the fx8 you know you'll get regular FREE firmware updates that INCLUDE add one where as line 6 will not disclose whether or not that is the case with the helix. We all know it wasn't the case with the pod which I accept but not at a $1500 price point.

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  5. Thanks Phil.


    I just read up on it in the HD500X manual. Hm. So am I right that there are only a couple advanced parameters then (the ones you mentioned)?


    I'm truly sad to say that I'm increasingly thinking the Helix isn't going to cut it for me. The user interface looks absolutly brilliant, but so far there are some big show-stoppers for me moving from an Axe-Fx to a Helix. I don't use all the advanced amp parameters in the Axe, but there are a few pretty basic ones that really help sculpt the flavor of an amp. Obviously "presence" (HF negative feedback) is covered in the Helix, but low frequency negative feedback is a biggy (aka "depth").


    The lack of global blocks is a massive no-go for me, as is the lack of MIDI clock in/out. I'll keep my eye on how Helix develops once it's released and possibly pick one up down the road if some of this key functionality gets added to the firmware.



    I'm on the same page with you. I was really excited about this at first but unless I see a demo that really makes me change my mind, I don't know if this is worth $1500 to me. I'm starting to think I may be happier adding an fx8 to my pod for less than what I'd invest in this unit and there is no secrecy on firmware updates there!

  6. I can't remember if I've read this or not, but at the more professional price range can we expect free add one (amps, effects, ext...) on a somewhat regular basis over the next 2 years or so? In the case of the pod and other cheaper modelers I understand paying for add one but at a price range like this, nearing the Axe Fx price range and knowing the Axe Fx gives regular upgrades/updates for free, I feel like it is necessary to at least know if we will not be getting this perk.

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  7. If one had a long afternoon, they could conceivably write the Helix manual just from reading threads on this forum and that monster one on The Gear Page. I'd really like for the manual to not be full of surprises when it finally drops; hence, I've been curbing enthusiasm where appropriate.

    Oh, I know haha. There is a ton of information in here. Reading about it and hearing it are two different things though. With that being said, it's nothing on you guys! I'm just anxious to see/hear it. You guys have answered tons of questions and I do appreciate it!

  8. For the love of all things, put out a demo that actually covers what this thing has in it! Everyday I look and don't find one, I die a little!

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  9. I also want to know more about the updates! I'm digging what I'm seeing so far but as an ex Axe FxII owner, the updates are what make it worth the price. And at this price point I think regular updates for at least 2 years is necessary.

  10. Guys, I added a freeze effect to idea scale. I think it would be a sweet feature to have something like the EHX Freeze or even better, the Superego to use with a momentary switch. Go vote for it on the Helix campaign!

  11. Just answer this, so I can quit wasting my day checking this and other pages all day. When can we expect a good, thorough demo that we can hear a lot of the effects? I need to know, so I can get back to my life! Lol.

  12. First off, I'd like to say thanks for listening and producing a sweet new product! I put pitch delay in idea scale, of course, others may have as well but my question is on that. 1. Is it a stereo effect? 2. How many scale choices does it have? 3. What is the pattern of the pitch shifted trails, if that makes sense.

    Of course, I assume that's what the delay harmony effect that is highlighted in the front panel of the helix in the picture is.

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