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    Pitch control - can't get it to work

    hi all. I'm trying to get the Bender effect to be controlled by the foot pedal on the fire hawk. So I've set the heel and toe pitches and now expect to rock between the two pitches on the pedal - nothing happens. any ideas?
  2. jonhollis

    HX effects - 6 snapshots please

    hi. I would love to add to the request for a future update the ability to have 6 snapshots. you could use the mode button to toggle between presets / snapshots / stomp mode/
  3. can I add to the request list a second page of footswitches. maybe if you hold down footswitches 3 and 7 simultaneously it takes you to a second page of footswitches. would be very useful.
  4. jonhollis

    HX effects - Re assign Tap button

    hey there. can I add to the list of requests - the ability to assign the tap button to something. IE the fast slow on the rotary. or things like that
  5. jonhollis

    HX effects - Re assign Tap button

    I would love to reassign the tap switch to be something else. Is this possible? I couldnt find a way of doing it. I guess it needs to come up in the controller assign menu somewhere.
  6. jonhollis

    HX effects - 6 snapshots please

    hi - Ive been using my HX effect for a few weeks now - its very good - I really like it. Would love to see one thing though. 6 snapshots. So you have three pages. toggled with the mode button. first is preset selection - second is snapshot selection - all 6 - and third is pedal/stomp mode. I think this would be much better. other wise love it!
  7. jonhollis

    amps that helix doesn´t switch correctly...

    doesn't work with a hamstead Artist 20RT either. Is there a reply from line 6 on this?
  8. jonhollis

    helix - what no bluetooth iPad link???

    i love the idea of the helix - i will be ordering one. but its huge backward step not to have bluetooth and iPad integration. The fire hawk is so great because of the iPad app. you can adjust all the parameters from a waist height iPad, instead of having to bend down to the ground. i have seen the sweet water and other videos, and everyone is changing the levels and things with their fingers. i know you can do stuff with your feet - but i haven't seen anyone do this yet - and if that way of using it is so great then why have the six control knobs and the home and take buttons.. why not include bluetooth and iPad integration. then you have the option. i guess I'm going to do what i did with the HD500 and the G system and have it on a table to do all the prep and then on the floor for the gig. which is a backward step. i guess lets see when it arrives. anyway the new sounds seem to be great...and I'm super pleased they have control over amps and external boxes....
  9. jonhollis

    fire hawk went wrong during a gig!

    so I'm doing a gig outdoors - at sunset. two things. one couldn't read the display in the sunlight. its not bright enough. secondly and the big one - all of a sudden the expression started putting out all this up and down data. so any preset with an expression pedal in the values started going up and down all on their own. had to stop the gig and ditch it and put my old pedal board back in.... still broken now.
  10. jonhollis

    Overdrive or compressor

    i agree with you though - pointless having a dedicated comp module if you can't access the compressor types. one word of warning with the fire hawk - to the point i have had to stop using mine. is it won't work in strong sunlight. the optical expression pedal goes haywire in bright light. and switching between presets on the box is a very clunky thing in terms of sounds. sometimes a big click. delays cut short. I'm waiting for the helix - hoping this will fix these things.
  11. jonhollis

    Patch vs Stomp mode

    that sounds really useful. i hope this box is as good as i think it will be......
  12. jonhollis

    Patch vs Stomp mode

    hi - does anyone know if you can still split the rows of buttons to be half patch resets and half stomp - like the fire hawk. i see from the demo you can change the mode from stomp to all presets? thanks
  13. jonhollis

    Patch vs Stomp mode

    thats great news. personally i would go for top presets bottom stomp. perfect. I'm ordering one now!
  14. jonhollis

    Firehawk FX and DT50 Amp

    it won't control the amp - you will have to wait for helix. or use a pod HD500X. it needs a line6 AES port - which fire hawk doesn't have.
  15. jonhollis

    fire hawk went wrong during a gig!

    i think I'm going to have to send it back. can't have something that won't work in sunlight!
  16. jonhollis

    fire hawk went wrong during a gig!

    i never had this problem with the HD500X though
  17. jonhollis

    fire hawk went wrong during a gig!

    wow. should say that somewhere before you buy it - cannot be used anywhere with heavy light changes or bright lights ! - wait a minute so thats not to be used on stage!!!
  18. jonhollis

    Output in Amp mode on display

    anyone got a fix for this? overtime i load a patch it says output in amps mode all over the display - so i have no idea what patch i just loaded. eventually it goes away. there must be a way of switching this warning/info off.
  19. jonhollis

    presets and stomp switching

    hi - is there anyway of swapping the preset switches with the stomp switches. makes more sense to me to have the stomp switching on the bottom row and the patch recall on the top.
  20. jonhollis

    Little tip for remembering patch locations

    do you get these feet from line6 - or just a hardware store?
  21. jonhollis

    Latency half a second at preset change on Firehawk?

    hi - I've started using this unit live, and in my opinion it is unusable. the lag between setup switching is way too much. and the effects do not continue. so if you switch from a heavy delay to something else the delay doesn't fade out. there is almost a big clunk when switching from one to another. i think it might actually mute the signal for a fraction of a second. ALSO the tuner is really not very good - I'm used to using a polytune and this is no where near as accurate or as easy to use. The worst thing for me ( i use it into the front end of an amp) is that every time i switch from one preset to another it says 'output in amps mode' - covering up the name of the patch. so you have no idea what you're recalling. shame - because i really like crafting sounds on it using the iPad app, but then using it live is no good. Line 6 - any answers on when this sort of stuff will be addressed. as soon as possible i hope.
  22. curious why the controller that accompanies the rack mount version doesn't have that cool looking pedal onboard?
  23. jonhollis

    helix - what no bluetooth iPad link???

    I guess the obvious thing is to have a blinding Mac or PCs app. Then all is good.
  24. jonhollis

    helix - what no bluetooth iPad link???

    all the demos I've seen everyone does it with the knobs beneath the screen! i mean I'm not saying its bad or anything. just a tad of a backward step. the UI on the iPad app is amazing. it doesn't matter it has a lag as you only use it when you are designing sounds and storing things.
  25. jonhollis

    helix - what no bluetooth iPad link???

    i know - its not for changing patches live - its for not having to bend over whilst changing parameters whilst you are experimenting